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Hero 3-Year-Old Girl Saves Dad’s Life By Using FaceTime

Thanks to this quick-thinking, tech-savvy toddler, her dad survived a heart attack!

Mark Andrew





The thing about emergencies is that, by nature, they can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere – and they often strike without any warning. That’s why it is extremely important for us all to stay calm and collected when such circumstances occur since our actions (or lack thereof) may mean life or death.

Fortunately for one father, he had his daughter with him when he suffered a stroke at home. 27-year-old dad Trevor McCabe suddenly fell on the floor and started convulsing. Molly, who is only 3 years of age, picked up her father’s phone and used it to contact her mother using the Facetime app.

Trevor McCabe, 27, was at home with his daughter Molly, 3, when he suddenly had a heart attack.

In an interview with NBC News, Devon McCabe, Molly’s mom, shared:

“She did a FaceTime call, and she was so brave, and she told me that daddy got sick, and she showed me where daddy was, and so I saw him lying on the ground.”

Devon, who is a nurse by profession, was busy working at the Winchester Medical Center, Virginia and so she missed the first call. Fortunately, she was able to pick up the second one 15 minutes later.

By that time, she immediately knew “something was wrong.”

“(Molly) was sobbing, crying, [saying], “Look at daddy, look at daddy”, shared Devon.

A 911 call was immediately placed and Trevor was rushed to the hospital, thanks to his young daughter.

Shortly thereafter, Trevor needed an emergency brain surgery and he was airlifted to Inova Fairfax Hospital. Doctors later told Devon that about 85% of patients who suffer the same type of stroke die because it affects the part of the brain that controls breathing and heart rate.

“The only reason he’s doing so well is because he was able to get intervention so quickly,” said Devon.

Molly is definitely a real-life hero!

According to Devon, she didn’t know Molly even knew how to use FaceTime.

She shared:

“We FaceTime with her grandparents every other day, but I’m the one doing it. The only thing I can think is that maybe she has seen me do it so many times that she remembered what to do. Five days later, it’s still stunning to me that she was able to put it all together. There is no doubt that she saved her father’s life. She was working really hard to get a hold [of] me.”

Doctors are now expecting that Trevor will soon recover from the incident.

Thanks to our pint-sized, tech-savvy hero, daddy Trevor is alive and well after the stroke.

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This just melts my heart!

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Case in point, this young girl from the Philippines recently gained lots of online love and respect after a video went viral showing her doing her homework. The catch? She’s homeless and she’s studying outdoors – while it’s raining.

She’s homeless but she’s still doing her homework despite the rainstorm.

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The world needs more people like Ricky!




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Take Ricky Mena, for example. He may have lost everything in his life after coping with anxiety and PTSD, but it didn’t stop him from bringing joy to other people, especially children who are suffering from illness. He had a hard time looking for jobs until he started working full-time as a personal trainer. Despite his promising career, he still feels that he needs to do something more in his life.

Ricky was looking for a bigger purpose in life — and he found one.

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Not all heroes wear capes! This one teaches science and math – and he drives a bus, too!

Mark Andrew



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Fortunately, one kind-hearted school teacher decided to take action and deal with the problem. Because of his efforts, more kids from the village are able to continue with their education.

Not all heroes wear capes! This one teaches science and mathematics - and drives a bus!

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