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Before You Judge The Homeless With Their Beloved Pets, Watch This Incredible Video!

The hidden truth behind the homeless people and their faithful dogs.


They are everywhere–on the streets, sleeping on sidewalks, asking for food or any help that they could get from strangers and passers-by–they are the homeless ones. Others may see them as an eyesore, a burden or unwanted guests but the truth is that we don’t know their story and not even half of who they really are.

Homeless people are oftentimes seen with their dogs. Some may think that they are incapable of taking of care of them as they can poorly provide for their own but the truth is that they are as loyal and loving as these animals. That they set aside their needs to make way for their faithful pets who remain with them all throughout.

Through a nonprofit organization providing pet food and veterinary care for the homeless called ‘Pets of the Homeless,‘ this heartwarming video shows the very strong and special bond between these individuals and their dogs. A reminder that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge but sensitive enough to help and understand them.

Watch the eye opening video:

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Credits: Madi Donham via Viral Nova


Artist Beautifully Illustrates That Love Is In the Small Things Through Heartwarming Drawings

These cute artworks accurately capture how true, simple love should be.

What is love? There are many definitions than can crop up our minds when asked what the true meaning of love is. This is because this four-letter word is probably the most complicated thing in the world. It involves more than the rational mind or the purest of feelings, it is a universal language that speaks to all beings in an inexplicable, special way.

Although expressions of love can be costly as couples tend to spend lots of money showing how they love each other, we believe love cannot be defined by expensive gifts, fancy dates and luxurious vacations. We guess this is how artists “Puuung” sees love as well. In this magnificent illustrations she made, she showcased how genuine love can come in the simplest forms. We are sure most of you can relate to at least of these things.

For Puuung, love is...

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He Was Ridiculed For His Fat Body. Days Later, This Awesome Thing Happened!

Anybody can bully anyone but not everybody gets to have the best karma ever. This will remind us that size should not always matter.

Having a fat body doesn’t directly mean being an eyesore. But these bully partygoers obviously made a big deal out of it and caught a dancing chubby guy on cam in the hopes of embarrassing him. Well, luck must have been on the side of this dude because despite the excruciating mocks, something good happened from the experience.

Sean O’Brien, the guy in question, was simply trying to have fun by dancing the night away but when partygoers started noticing him doing the mambo, they quickly snapped a photo of him and laughed hysterically. Naturally, upon seeing and hearing such a discouraging treatment, he felt sad about himself.

Sean stopped dancing as others started making fun of him.

Sean O’Brien danced to the tune of fame when partygoers started noticing him do the mambo and right away took a photo of him. Sean O’Brien danced to the tune of fame when partygoers started noticing him do the mambo and right away took a photo of him.

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22 Best Advice a Father Could Ever Give to His Son Before Marriage

In a matter-of-fact-tone, this list of marriage advice from a father will surely move any son who is about to get married!

On the day of your wedding, you will get numerous pieces of advice from almost everyone - from your friends, relatives, guests, and others. These messages are often heartfelt and are given to help you get on the right path as you start your new life together as a married couple.

Perhaps no other advice can be more precious than one that is given by a parent. We found this list of advice from a father whose son is about to marry. The words are simple, straightforward and meaningful. The list mainly talks about appropriate treatment to wives, financial tips and reminders on the things that truly matter in life. This is powerful!

Here are 22 of the best advice a father could give to his son before marriage:


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