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This 4-year-old Boy and his 90-year-old BFF Proves True Friendship Has No Age Limit.





It is a story that surprised a lot of people – for how could a young boy, aged 4, be best friends with a 90-year-old war veteran? Well, the real question here is, “why not”? Who said best friends have to be of the same age?

Emmett Rychner and his parents had been neighbors with war veteran Erling Kindem for some time. The young boy would visit Erling at his home or the old man would hang out with the family for a chat.

As best friends, the two would spend hours chatting or would sometimes play with cars.

Very unlikely best friends


Photo credit: ABC13

Then, Erling moved to a senior home while Emmett and his family also moved to a larger house. But Emmett missed his old best friend so much that he would ask his parents to bring him to the senior home from time to time. Thus, their friendship continued.

On Erling’s birthday, Emmett was a special guest. And he brought along a special gift for his best friend…

Learn more about his gift in this video:

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Source: USA Today

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