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‘Hangry’ Woman Makes Hilarious Viral Movie Trailer When Boyfriend Didn’t Text Back





Some women can get rather crazy when they’re hangry. A college student decided to make a hilarious movie trailer when her boyfriend didn’t text her back. Not surprisingly, the video has gone viral and the creative young woman is getting real job offers.

Paulina Ramirez is a psychology student at the California State University in Fresno who clearly has a knack at film editing. Paulina was recently texting her boyfriend George Giron about plans to get chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, George fell asleep during their exchange, leaving Paulina feeling a little hangry. Since she had time on her hands, Paulina decided to make a funny trailer for George about his absence.

Paulina’s boredom during George’s nap led to a viral hit.

The faux movie trailer even has a whole production team (all Paulina).

Paulina admitted that she didn’t really have to wait that long but she was feeling creative and wanted to make her boyfriend laugh. “He was only asleep for an hour, but I got bored and decided to make a video that might make him chuckle,” she said.

She immediately showed it to George once he woke up from his nap and decided it was good enough to share on social media. Needless to say, netizens couldn’t get enough of the awesome trailer for the “movie” Where The F–k Is George. Some were so impressed that they have actually contacted Paulina and asked her to edit videos for them.

So can we expect Paulina to pursue a career in filmmaking? The student still wants to stick with her passion, which is psychology and social work. Nevertheless, she is open to trying it if she gets more offers.

Would you share this man’s whereabouts for $9.47?

This awesome couple clearly has a great sense of humor.

Some people were also wondering if Paulina truly is a crazy girlfriend. Truth be told, she was only hangry and bored.

“I think people like it so much because it’s relatable. But some people have taken it way too seriously [and] they think I’m some possessive, lunatic girlfriend,” she said. “It was honestly just a joke.”

Let’s hope to see more of Paulina’s awesome movie trailers in the future.

Watch the funny video below:

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