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9 Life Rules Happy People Follow





Some days it seems happiness is unattainable, especially in a world full of trouble and strife. But achieving the state of happiness isn’t as difficult as it seems.

There are certain unspoken rules in life genuinely happy people ascribe to and you can follow them to turn your happy on.

Here are nine valuable happiness goals to live by:

#1. Build close relationships that last a lifetime.


Studies have shown the happiest people are those who have close relationships with friends and family throughout their lives. More importantly, they work hard at maintaining these relationships to last.

#2. Value time over money.


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In a survey, it’s been found a majority of happy people put precedence on time over money. Money buys objects that can make a person happy for a time but spending time doing things you love, whether with family or friends, reading, or traveling, brings the greatest satisfaction.

#3. Live within your means.

It can be so stressful to try to keep up with peers by spending money you don’t have. Instead, be more careful about calculating expenses and live within your means. Less stress equals more happiness.

#4. Appreciate everything around you.


Instead of seeing the flaws in everyone and everything around you, or worse, simply looking through them instead of at them, start to appreciate the wonders around you. People who are grateful for every single blessing, no matter how small, are more satisfied in life compared to those who are highly critical or indifferent.

#5. Spend valuable time with friends.


Being with friends increases our happiness quotient – especially if those friends are happy people themselves. Joy and lightness are easily transferable from one person to another and so it is with friendships. It beats spending most of your time fiddling with gadgets or locked into social media.

#6. Tare care of people close to you, and make them as happy.


Psychologists have confirmed that doing good deeds make people happier. Doing things for others, especially for family and friends, increases endorphins which make us feel fulfilled.

#7. Spend money on experiences instead of material objects.


Invest your money on something that will give you the most experience and emotion, like enrolling in a class on a subject that interests you, or travel. The short-lived happiness from buying material objects comes nowhere near the euphoria of acquiring new experiences that will last forever.

#8. Play a favorite sport on a regular basis.


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Science has proven physical exercise helps fight psychological problems and stress better than if you were a couch potato. Researchers have also connected regular physical activity with feelings of happiness.

#9. Live in the here and now.


There’s no better time than the present. People who meditate and appreciate everything life throws at them on a daily basis are happier than people who live in the past or pine for a future that has yet to come.

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