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This Idiot Decides to Poke a Sleeping Anaconda With a Stick, Quickly Regrets it

Anacondas are amongst the most feared animals. How could someone ever have the courage to do this?

Anacondas are some of the most feared type of snakes. They are literally big, bad and very dangerous. In fact, the movie “Anaconda” is probably one of the most note-worthy flicks of all time. How could one ever forget those chilly and heart-racing chase scenes all throughout the movie, not to mention the iconic wink of one character after the anaconda swallowed and retch him out?

We guess, this guy in the video below was not able to watch the film. The video shows that the person behind the camera fearlessly tapped the nose of the anaconda several times. We do not know how he/ found the hidden anaconda, but one thing is for sure, that anaconda was severely angry for being disturbed in its natural habitat.

Watch what happens after the person rudely poked the mighty snake:

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That person is really lucky that nothing serious happened to him. Oh well, maybe just a lifetime fear of snakes. But let this video serve as a reminder for us all that we should never disturb any animals for our own pleasure. We do not know how they think so let’s stay safe by merely marveling at their existence without going overboard.

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Credits: Boludoman


Guy Slaps Bridal Bouquet Away from Girlfriend, Her Reaction is Hilarious!

Watch as a guys swoops in to slap a bridal bouquet away from his girlfriend.


Every single lady dreams of a wedding. Every single lady who attends a wedding fantasizes of becoming next in line. It's every girl's dream. However, it's not the same for guys. They usually dread that big day!

Every wedding single guys attend to are like being on a hot seat. While girls smile at the question of when they plan to marry, guys manage to steer away from any question that is wedding related. But girls cannot help it, they all dream of a Disney wedding!

Just like this lady from Cape Town, South Africa, you would think she was so eager to get married as her face lit up when the bridal bouquet was thrown at her. But, her smile turned upside down as her boyfriend swooped in to slap the bouquet away from her. It was a perfect picture of how guys and girls view a wedding!...

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Homeless Dog Dying from Hideous Skin Disease Makes Amazing Transformation After Rescue

Watch as a dying dog from severe mange gets rescued and cared for by Animal Aid Unlimited in India.


Animal Aid Unlimited is a sanctuary for helpless street animals in India. They rescue thousands of animals found in the streets of India and provide long-life care.

Just recently, Animal Aid Unlimited rescued another helpless poor dog from dying to severe mange. Mange is a skin disease which causes severe itching, hair loss, scabs and lesions. It is caused by external parasites, and usually affects mammals. Severe mange can cause infection, starvation and dehydration to its victim, and sadly, when severe mange is left untreated, it can cause death.

Fortunately, another street dog was saved from death as his rescuers gave him utmost care and love as he recovered from the disease....

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Surfing Champ Mick Fanning Luckily Survives Shark Attack by Punching it

Watch Mick Fanning, a world champion pro-surfer, cheat possible death as he escapes a shark attack.


Extreme sports are activities that actually have an element of thrill and danger. Surfing, although sometimes considered a recreation, is actually an extreme sport as it requires an environment which is sometimes unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Just like what happened last Sunday, July 19, during the 2015 Samsung Galaxy World Surf League Championship Tour. The remainder of the sixth stop of the competition had to be canceled as one of the world's surfing champion was attacked by a shark.

Mick Fanning actually just cheated a possible death after escaping a shark attack!...

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