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Guy Creates the Most Badass Armoured Heels Out of His Girlfriend’s Dog-Chewed Shoes

Out of destruction comes a Metallic Masterpiece…

Dondi Tiples





We all know that someone who can see beauty where others only see trash. These creative types can fashion the most incredible works of art from items one usually just throws away.

Take Alan Padziński, for instance. A blacksmith by trade, Alan lives in Przemyśl, Poland with his girlfriend, Jagoda and their toothy dog, Caliph.

Alan and Jagoda.

shoe 1

This particular toothy dog got his jaws on one of Jadoda’s favorite pair of heels one day. Hearing Jagoda cry out, Alan hurried into the house and beheld a guilty dog, one hopelessly ruined shoe, and a distraught girlfriend.

Bad dog, Caliph!

shoe 3

Alan took one look at the gnawed out footwear and hurriedly consoled Jagoda. He assured her he could fix it despite her obvious skepticism.

Look at that.


Chewed to the bone.


True to his word, Alan began work on the project with a few sketches of designs he had in mind.


He had several ideas floating about in his head, and finally came upon one that worked.


Mind you, Alan isn’t a shoe designer, or even a shoemaker. He’s a blacksmith specializing in artisan armor. What could a blacksmith do to repair a piece of chewed up footwear?

Plenty, apparently.

In his years of blacksmithing, Alan had acquired quite a few skills in armor-making, and some on medieval architecture on the side.

With his aptitude for working original designs in steel and brass, he created a breathtaking piece of art so awesome, the finished product took Jagoda’s breath away.

From totally tattered into something stunningly shiny and fantastic.

shoe 8

It looked like the type of shoe worn by a steampunk-inspired heroine in a futuristic fairy tale. In fact, it would win fashion forward awards at the next Met Gala, or inspire footwear for the “Game of Thrones” or something!

Jagoda, a huge fan of fantasy armor, was thrilled to bits. From the ruins, Alan built her some badass brand new footwear she’d be proud to wear.

Also, there’s no possible way toothy Caliph can wrap his canines around them.

shoe 4

Alan was understandably pleased at his girlfriend’s reaction, and is currently working on the other shoe for a perfectly matched pair.

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Would You Touch A Stranger? Photographer’s Experiment Yields Shocking Results

Ignore all your “stranger danger” instincts and take a ride on the wild side…

Dondi Tiples



Would you willingly let any part of your body come into contact with someone you've never met?

From the time of our childhood, we've constantly been cautioned about talking to strangers. The motto "stranger danger" is etched into our skulls as surely as we know our own names. As a consequence, many, if not most of us, are wary of interacting - and even making eye contact - with people we don't know.

Enter photographer, Richard Renaldi, a man bent on destroying stereotypes and quashing our long-held beliefs into the dust.

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12 Photos That Are So Scary, They’re Perfect For Halloween

#8. OMG! I wouldn’t even dare go anywhere near that thing!

Mark Andrew



Remember that time when you, as a kid, were scared of monsters under the bed? It seems silly now as an adult, right?

Well some childhood fears really do not go away for good, I guess. I kinda realized that the moment I saw the photos below. Although most of these ones are of inanimate objects, I really would prefer to stay away from them.

Just take a look at #8, for example. I’ll freak out if I see that in my bathroom one day. It brings memories of all those horror flicks I’ve watched back then.

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Brutally-Honest Comic Accurately Portrays The Harsh Realities of Modern Day Living

#16 actually makes a good point!

Mark Andrew



Truth can be very brutal – and when it comes to Eduardo Salles, an artist from Mexico, he really doesn’t have any plans of holding back.

Salles’ comic-style illustrations accurately capture and depict the harsh realities of living in our modern world. If you will check out his artworks, you will quickly recognize that some of his insights are downright funny while others are a bit sad or tragic. Either way, this guy uses his wits and combines it with his artistic prowess to convey messages that make his audiences think.

Thanks to BoredPanda, we get to appreciate Eduardo’s stuff better because they translated it from Spanish to English.

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