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Guilty Dog Desperately Begs for Forgiveness in the Cutest Way





If there is one animal that feels like it is part of the human race, we have to answer dogs. Aside from solely getting the title “man’s best friend,” dogs are also human-like in terms of emotions and ability to care and understand. We’ve seen so many cute dog reactions all over the Internet but we think we found one of the most touching dog-owner videos ever.

A Facebook user named Anthony Federica Granai posted a video featuring a lovely Labrador named Ettore in his account. The dog seems to be at fault and although we are not quite sure what the dog’s real mishap was, we think it was grave enough for it to look oh so guilty but adorably pitiful.

In the video, the dog refused to take “no” for an answer so when his owner persisted to resist, it started doing all sorts of clingy stuff in the hopes of being forgiven. The dog looked desperate but cute nonetheless.

These words generally sum up Anthony’s words in the video:

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand. What do you want?”

“No, it doesn’t work like that. No! You are mistaking, really mistaking. Do you understand where you made the mistake?”

And finally…

“Okay. We make peace.”

Watch the video here:

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Isn’t that adorable or what? We can’t help but watch the video over and over again and gush over it every time. The dog looks so sweet and regretful, yet loving and gentle.

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Credits: Sunny Skyz, AOL, Anthony Federica Granai

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