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Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Crash Site So People Built Him A Home




  • A truly loyal dog has refused to leave its owner’s crash site despite repeated attempts to send him to a new home.
  • Concerned locals kept trying to take the pup away but it would always return to the side of the road.
  • People finally decided to build the pooch a home so it can continue to stay at the location.

There is little doubt that all dogs are good boys and girls but some pups truly raise the bar. A loyal dog has repeatedly refused to leave the crash site where his owner di ed. Amazingly, concerned people decided to build him a home so the pooch can stay safe in the location.

The story of the unfortunate pup started when his owner’s car had a fatal collision with a cement mixer at the location on the Old Ring Road to the River Evinos in western Greece. The man, who was simply known as Haris, was instantly killed in the accident. The incident was noted by locals considering that Haris’ brother had also passed away just a few years before him in a vehicular accident.

The locals decided to put up a shrine for Haris and were promptly surprised to see that his dog made it all the way to the crash site. The pooch’s arrival was a huge mystery considering that he wasn’t with his owner during the accident and their home was more than seven miles away.

People were understandably concerned for the dog who chose to stay at the crash site. There were numerous attempts to take him from the side of the road and find him a new home. However, the pup would always find his way back to the site.

Eventually, locals decided to honor the dog’s wishes to stay at the crash site. They built a small home for the pup and often came by to leave him some food and water. The loyal pooch was then dubbed “The Greek Hachiko” after the Akita who continued to wait for his owner at a train station in Japan.

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