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Grandpa Challenges 2 Young Men In Dance Showdown And Crowd Roars In Laughter

Who said grandpas don’t have the moves to impress everyone in a breakdance showdown? Just look at this grandpa dominate the streets with his cool dance steps.


We usually dance showdown movies done in the United States. The Hollywood movies “You Got Served,” “Honey,” and “Step Up” are just a few of the must-see dance-themed films that also became an inspiration of the mob performances we see on the streets, not just in America, but throughout the world.

There is a huge collection of street dance performances on Youtube. Among them though is the latest viral dance show off between two breakdancers and their very competitive challenger, dancing grandpa.

This grandpa won’t make it easy for the two young men to win on a dance showdown as he has some slick moves to show off.

Source: youtube

Seeing breakdancers gracing the streets is nothing unusual. But seeing a grandpa taking down lads in a performance is something we don’t see every day. The showdown between the grandpa and two youngsters is then really refreshing to watch and the exceptional dance skills of the trio is something you shouldn’t miss.

But who will win this showdown? Would dancing grandpa really live up to these youths?

These breakdancers were challenged by a grandpa to a showdown which attracted huge crowd cheering for them.

Source: you

Unknown to many, breakdance actually started to grace the streets of America in the early 1970s as a part of the hip-hop movement. In fact, Kung fu techniques seen on films and gymnastic routines made up the first freestyle movies. With that said, grandpa probably has a long background of learning breakdance moves, so don’t be so surprised if he wins a round or two.

The breakdancers were showing off their modern techniques when grandpa decided to participate in their showdown. He warmed up for a few seconds then the trio began the dance show-off of a lifetime. Wearing his Oxford shoes, and smoking his cigar, grandpa surely looked cool while executing his best steps. The crowd were obviously thrilled to witness an extraordinary street performance.

This grandpa surely surprised the breakdncers and the audience with his high energy, guts and dance moves.

Source: youtube

The trio gave their best to impress the audience and it was certainly hard for the spectators to decide who dominated the round. But grandpa surely got the better of the lads and won the roaring applause of the crowd.

Take a look at how this grandpa kicked some comical but definitely breathtaking moves from the video below:

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McDonald’s Brows Are The Latest Bizarre Trend To Take Over Instagram

Say goodbye to the squiggle brows and welcome the new trend through the weird McDonald’s brows!

The eyebrows have become the obsession of the decade. From thin lines to nothing at all in the 70s and 80s, women now want to have their brows thick and long that they can groom every now and then. But the beauty trend seems to have fallen behind already as many people start experimenting with weird looks they can make out of their eyebrows.

The eyebrows are having a moment, and many ladies are taking advantage of the madness to popularize their own, crazy brow ideas. After the gory cut-out squiggle brows that came in just in time for the Halloween, we now see Instagram flooded with photos of the McDonald’s brows, and admit it, they’re not as appetizing as the popular food chain’s meals.

The fashionista ladies of Instagram are trying out the new eyebrow trend and it is taken after the famous logo of McDonald's.

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The Comfort Of Being In A Long-Term Relationship Showcased In 12 Comics

Being in a healthy long term relationship is amazing.

When it comes to dating, a lot of young people often talk about the horrors of being in a long-term relationship. They often talk about the restrictions, fear of getting burnt out, and being limited to one partner. And they’re partially right. It’s hard to blame someone about this stuff. Being in a bad relationship would leave any people jaded and pessimistic about the stuff.

However, some of these people have clearly never been in a long-term relationship yet; or at least, a healthy one. This is probably one of the reasons why they often leave out the perks. Contrary to what most people believe, being in a healthy long-term relationship is actually one of the best experiences you’d ever have.

Being in a long-term relationship is very comforting. It sounds small, but when you’re with someone for a very long time, it’s irreplaceable. Being able to do even the most intimate and private things in front of your significant other is one of the best feelings in life. If you’re still not sold yet, these comics will give you the general idea about the comfort of being in a long term relationship.

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60 of the Most Savage Responses People Received From Their Exes

Remember: Don’t ever expect to receive beautiful responses from your former lover, especially when you’re the one who broke up with him/her.

Remember the time when you hated your ex too much that you wanted him dead? Like seriously, you hoped for him to be run over by a truck or something. Nah, just kidding (though it might be true to some of you). Truth is, we all have ugly experiences with our past lovers. Otherwise, we would still be with them today.

In this modern society where communication is just one click or tap away, contacting or being contacted is just so easy. In fact, it can even be tempting for the exes to get in touch with their former significant others. Unfortunately, for them, some people chose to move on and forget everything about their bad experience. You definitely don't want to experience the rejection they went through.

Well, without further ado, below is a compilation of people coming up with the perfect response to their exes’ unsolicited advances. And believe it or not, most of them are like the work of the devil. Scroll down and judge for yourself!

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