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Road Raging Driver Attacks Motorcyclist and Gets His Dose of Instant Karma!

This is what extreme road rage can do to a person.


We all know what horrible traffic can do to your emotional intelligence. Even the most calm and level-headed person can turn into the Incredible Hulk when road rage sets in.

This is what happened to a man in Yuma, Arizona when a motorcycle allegedly cut him off and committed lanesplitting. He got off his vehicle and went over to the motorcyclist guy and the passenger, the girlfriend. Tempers flared and the road rager just totally lost it…he actually assaulted the motorcyclist! He even hurt the man’s girlfriend!

Watch the video to see how it all went down…

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I gotta hand it to the other guy…he was able to remain calm even when the road rager was in his face and pushing his girlfriend. He was indeed very lucky to have a camera mounted on his helmet and was able to catch the whole thing on tape.

Notice how the road rager appeared to be falling asleep several minutes after he was pinned down? Authorities say the man may have been on alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident. Multiple charges were filed against the road rager, including assault, threatening, and endangerment.



A Concerned Father Is Angry About This Star Wars Action Figure

Fred Hill says his daughters do not need to see this “crap” in toy stores.

With the release of Star Wars Episode VII in the imminent horizon, it’s easy to see a massive flooding of merchandise related to this beloved movie franchise. Generations of fans wait in great anticipation for the space saga’s latest installment entitled “The Force Awakens.”

One single father, however, is not as enthusiastic particularly because of one Star Wars action figure that recently caught his attention.

Fred Hill was shopping at the Target Store with his daughters when he saw Hasbro’s Slave Leia action figure.

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Gamer Fined After Drugging His Girlfriend So He Could Play Xbox All Night

Xbox addict sentenced to pay a fine after drugging his girlfriend so he could play video games.

Although couples are usually brought together by same interests, it is not uncommon to see couples who do not agree on all things. While it may cause fights and misunderstandings, these differences teach couples to be more patient and to love unconditionally -- to compromise and to find ways to satisfy the needs and wants of each other. But for one German man, his idea of getting a compromise is far beyond amiable.

A 23-year-old man was fined for drugging his 24-year-old girlfriend just so he could play video games all night.

One night in August 2014, the girlfriend got home from a 10-hour shift at work. She wanted to spend the entire night in a sound and peaceful sleep. But because the boyfriend and his friend had already planned an all-nigter with the Xbox, they had to find a way to continue with their plan. And so the boyfriend, who was then on drugs, decided to put his girlfriend in deep sleep through the help of drugs.

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This Customer was Shocked to Find Mold in His McDonald’s Burger

After the controversial KFC fried rat meal, a customer is served with a mouldy McBurger…


After the controversial KFC deep fried rat meal, a McDonald’s customer from Taplow, Berkshire was horrified to find a mold growing on top of a bun served to him while dining at McDonald's Holborn.

Edward Porter, a 33-year-old senior executive at a software company, decided to post photos of  the moldy burger on social media after the fast food restaurant offered him £30 in vouchers as a “fair amount of compensation”.

Porter was dining along with his colleagues when he suddenly spotted the blue mold on his meal just as he was about to take a bite.

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