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Road Rage Bully Gets Owned, Knocked Down by His Victim and Got Arrested On the Spot





Driving on the road entails a lot of patience, quick thinking and calmness. It is inevitable for drivers to encounter road shenanigans but it is very important for them to keep their cool and stay composed no matter what they encounter out there. Aside from being the ‘better person,’ keeping firm and collected prevent drivers from getting questioned or arrested, at least that’s what we have observed.

In the video below, a punk was captured standing outside of another man’s car. It looks as if he was eager to start a fight as he throws punches and says rude statements to the driver of the car. The driver also had his fill of emotional surges as he exhibited some punch-throwing actions as well. The difference is that the man in the car looks more composed. He even asked a passerby, who noticed the commotion, to call 911.

Watch the video here:

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No matter what incident we are faced with, let us try not to burst out and create violence. It is always a good option to stay clam and collected because, by that, the mind stays clear, and a resolution may be more reachable.

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Credits: cornnfedd

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