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Golden Retriever Gives Birth to ‘Green’ And Not-So-Golden Puppy

The green puppy was the only one with unusual color!

  • A German dog owner was alarmed when her golden retriever gave birth to a little green puppy.
  • Although the rest of the litter had white fur, the unusual pup had a distinct mint color.
  • Not surprisingly, the green puppy has been named Mojito.

Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes even in green. A golden retriever has given birth to an adorable litter and one of the pups just happens to be a pretty shade of mint.

Dog owner Joanna Justice was understandably excited when her golden retriever got pregnant. However, the lady from the north German town of Wermelskirchen was surprised when the litter of nine came with an adorable little puppy who had soft green fur.

The green puppy, aptly named Mojito, takes a nap with its siblings while their mother looks on.

Justice was initially worried that there was something wrong with the green puppy. However, she later realized that the pup, who was later named Mojito, was just as normal and healthy as its siblings.

But will Mojito lived out the rest of its life with pastel green fur? Christian Dimitriadis, a veterinarian in Düsseldorf, assured that the puppy’s odd coloring will eventually fade. Dimitriadis stated that the green fur will be gone in a few days or weeks once Mojito’s mother keeps licking the pup. Soon, Mojito will have the normal white fur just like the other puppies.

Mojito’s green color is already beginning to fade.

So what caused Mojito to have green fur in the first place? The coloring is caused by exposure to the bile pigment known as biliverdin in the womb. Light-colored dogs like golden retrievers could end up giving birth to an occasional green puppy, although the hue eventually goes away.

It’s good to know that Mojito is perfectly healthy and will eventually lose the green coloring that made it so distinct from its siblings. For now, it’s just amusing that the puppy will grow up with an unusual name due to the strange way it came into the world.


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