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The Unique Bond Between This Little Girl And Her Dog Will Make You Miss Your BFF

Harper and Lola the bulldog have been best friends since day one.


Everyone has a story to tell about their best friend–the days being spent together, the laughter, the tears, and adventures. Those are priceless moments a true friend does not ever want to trade for anything in the world.

One of the best stories that has captivated the hearts of the Internet is the story about a girl named Harper and her best friend, Lola.

Lola is not just your ordinary friend; she is an English bulldog that will do everything to protect her human.

From the day Harper was born, Lola has stayed by her side and their beautiful relationship was captured by a talented photographer, Rebecca Leimbach.

Leimbach, who is Harper’s mother, has shared the magnificent photos on her Facebook account and it quickly caught the attention of so many people.

Check out their story through these heartwarming photos.

Harper and Lola sharing a bath.


They are the best of friends.


Lola can be lazy at times and she doesn’t want to play.


But when she does, she likes to be in a costume.


They eat breakfast together.


They are both princesses.


Harper paints while Lola tries to catch a nap.


This is how she acts when Harper is not around


This is how they play.


Match made from heaven.


Lola loves it when Harper reads her a book.


This is how they show love to each other.


Harper’s mother sure did take a lot of photos of them.


Lola occupies a lot of the space when they are both in bed.


This is so sweet.


Girls from the hood.


Lola doesn’t look so thrilled about her costume.


Happy New Year!!!


H/T: Barkpost


This Grandpa Saves About 400 Lives From Suicide Spot By Asking A Simple Question

Many call him as the “Australian Angel” – a well-deserved nickname.

Despite its scenic beauty, The Gap is sadly known to many as a notorious suicide spot in New South Wales, Australia.

Fortunately though, Don Ritchie lives just across the street – and he has been saving lives for over five decades.

In a feature by CBS News, Don was called the “Australian Angel” because he has prevented about 400 suicides in the area. That’s despite the fact that he doesn’t have any training in suicide prevention nor does he call the police for help.

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Best Boss Ever Treats Employees to a Surprise Luxury Barbados Holiday!

Sigh. Our boss wouldn’t even pay for coffee.

There are good bosses and then there are AWESOME bosses. You know, the ones who go beyond giving their people the raise they truly deserve and keeping the pantry stocked with great coffee and munchies. Helen Bilton, founder of The Group Company, raised the bar so darn high in celebration of her company's tenth anniversary.

Helen (in the middle, wearing blue) takes employee motivation seriously.


She took her 32 employees to gorgeous Barbados for a surprise three-night all inclusive holiday trip, complete with five-star hotel accommodations. Wow!

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This Limbless Cheerleader ‘Dances to Feel Free’, and He’s Phenomenal!

This extraordinary lad did not let his condition get in the way of his dreams.

Gabe Adams is an extraordinary teen who was born without arms and legs. But that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dreams and doing what he truly loves: dancing.

And when the former Davis High School student danced with his teammates during a game’s half-time break, he gave such an incredible performance. His suave moves and wicked break dancing skills wowed the audience, and the footage went viral!

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