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Photographer Reveals Ridiculous Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Professional Portraits

You would really think that these photos were taken from a mystical place or something.


We all have seen tons of great photographs on social media sites. While some of us were mesmerized by the beauty of these images, most of us were wondering how they were shot. So we keep gazing at them for their stunning approach.

Apparently, the images below are a combination of skills, perspective, and sometimes, a bit of Photoshop magic. This is simply the art of photography. Thanks to Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva, we now have a closer look at how these thought-provoking images are taken.

Silva has finally revealed what exactly goes behind every cinematic shot. Without further ado, here they are below!

#1. So, you really think he has a strong arm?

#2. The dedication of this soon to be mom, though.

#3. We do everything for love!

#4. I wonder if she had backpains later on.

#5. Okay, this one needed some Photoshop magic.

#6. Just when you thought she was in a garden or something.

#7. Because it takes two to tango.

#8. This.

#9. Who says it has to be expensive?

#10. Yup, even a muddy place can be used.

#11. Because nature makes it all beautiful.

#12. Now that is passion right there.

#13. Sometimes, you just need the help of Photoshop.

#14. Legend says there was no snake there.

#15. Dried leaves? Sure, give them to me.

#16. Mom, please do no throw that old blue curtain away.

#17. Who would have thought, right?

#18. You do not need to be in the mountains to capture such beauty.

#19. Perfect. Just perfect.

#20. Just keeping it simple.

#21. You just need to hold something.

#22. This one nailed it.

#23. Well, this one, too.

#24. When you talk about passion and effort.

#25. Just add a little twist of Photoshop magic.

#26. See those tall grasses there? They should be enough.

#27. I got to admit. This is genius.

#28. Who cares about the smell? It is for photography’s sake!

#29. Imagine the plethora of efforts these guys did.

#30. Just hope the camera does not go swimming.

#31. The chair did the trick.

#32. Just another kid photography done right.

#33. You just cannot help but think they are magicians.

#34. They really have spells when it comes to photography.

#35. Who needs rain anyway?

#36. Lying down for them is part of the job.

#37. Magic!

#38. Oh, yes. Even the couples have to put some effort, too.

#39. Hmm… is there a height requirement?

#40. Remember when I asked if they are magicians?


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Filipina Girl Creates Awesome Art Using Fishbones

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