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Fighter Disguised as a Weak Nerdy Girl Shows Male Muay Thai Trainers Who’s The Real Boss





Remember who brought us the viral video of a professional racer girl who pranked her driving instructors with her insane driving skills? Well, it’s back with a new undercover prank.

Germaine Yeap is no stranger to the gym. In fact, she has been training for more than 6 years. She is known in Malaysia as a professional Muay Thai fighter and she often represents the country in international competitions.

When she walked into this particular gym, however, no one recognized her.

Why? Well, she disguised herself as someone who seemed like it was her first time on a gym. She was wearing eyeglasses and wasn’t even in appropriate gym clothes! When she punched the punching bags, she did it in very weak manner. So yep, the cover-up worked and no one in the gym suspected who she really was.

Disguised as a nerdy girl, pro fighter Germaine Yeap asked the trainers to spar with her.

To their credit, the trainers were hesitant to go on the ring with the ‘newbie’ Muay Thai enthusiast. The first guy she approached immediately declined and said “I just don’t want to hurt you.” She kept insisting and the men eventually gave in.

She continued pretending she wasn’t much of a fighter during the first part of the sparring sessions but later on, she went full beast mode and attacked the poor trainers.

Watch how it all went down here:

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As the video tells us, this was actually a prank by a local gym. The gym owners thought “it would be funny” to prank their new trainers and so they arranged for this one with MaxManTV. Eventually, they were able to invite Germaine who was absolutely game for the crazy idea.

Not all people are impressed by it, though. YouTube user fegu commented:

“Not cool. The trainers did nothing wrong, it’s not like they’re bullies. She turned into a bully actually, for someone else’s entertainment.”

How about you? What’s your take on this prank? Do you find it funny or no? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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