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Genius Air Conditioner Works Without Using Electricity And It Is Eco-Friendly!

An economical and environment-friendly air conditioning alternative was developed by an Indian and New Delhi team, and it is quite fashionable.

Donna Marie Padua





Air conditioners can be considered as one of the best technological products these days and they have been very helpful in homes and workplaces. Like most of us already know, people are more productive when they work under comfortable environment and that includes enjoying the right room temperature.

Hot countries like India benefit so much on the use of air conditioners. These devices keep people on the mood and maintains the life of so many products like food supplies in groceries and restaurants, computers and other gadgets in offices, as well as production materials in factories. Indeed, the HVAC plays an important role in our world today, but little do most of us know, it also harms the environment.

Deki Electronics and Ant Studio came up with the old method of evaporative cooling to provide a low energy and effective aircon solution.

For the uninitiated, air conditioners can contribute to global warming. These technological products make use of refrigerants to create cool air inside a closed space, but these refrigerants are actually strong greenhouse gases. Simply put, the leak that comes out of air conditioners can harm the ozone layer which adds up to the warmer temperature we experience outside. So while we enjoy the cool air inside with our air conditioners, the world outside is sadly suffering.

Air conditioners though might work differently in the near future. In fact, there are already eco-friendly versions of air conditioners that were developed. One of these is the Indian air conditioner that works without electricity.

The design was inspired by the structure of a beehive, using environment-friendly earthen cones to create an aesthetic prototype.

Deki Electronics of India and the Ant Studio of New Delhi teamed up to build a structure that can cool the air without a single watt of electricity consumed. The team utilized circular metal frames to bind hundreds of terracotta clay tubes to create a “Beehive” installation.

The economical and fashionable structure works by soaking the terracotta tubes so they would absorb the water. Later, it evaporates cool breezes as warm air pushes through the tubes. Cool air is then generated without releasing greenhouse gases and without the use of energy.

Monish Siripurapu, founder of Ant Studio, shared why they came up with such air conditioning solution saying:

“As an architect, I wanted to find a solution that is ecological and artistic, and at the same time evolves traditional craft methods.”

See more photos of the design below:






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