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He Couldn’t Afford an Air Conditioner, So He Made This $8 Cooler Instead





As much as I look forward to summer season, the idea of enduring the unbeatable heat really upsets me. Surviving extremely hot days means turning on the air conditioner 24/7 which leads to higher electricity bill by the end of the month. Just the idea of it is making me sweat like a pig right now.

This is why Household Hacker came up with a good alternative for expensive brand new air conditioners. For only $8, they were able to create a make-shift air conditioner using a $4- styrofoam cooler, dryer vents which cost $2, an old but functioning electric fan, and frozen bottles of water.

According to the video tutorial, the temperature of the house dropped from 78 degrees to 60 degrees after running the make-shift conditioner for a couple of hours. Now don’t you think that’s a really cool invention?

Beat the heat using this $8-air conditioner!

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