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Old, Trash-Filled Californian Home Gets Amazing Makeover It Deserves

Mini Malabanan





Do you love watching home renovation shows? I think most of us do since these shows prove that creativity and hard work can transform a home from drab to fab. It’s like giving a house a second life.

In the 1960’s, this Spanish revival home in California was in poor condition that the owners were able to buy it for only $16,000. Sadly, years of further neglect turned the house in a much worse state. It was filled with piles of garbage and junk that the only rational thing to do was to wreck it.

But the Kenihan Development company decided to take a chance on the crumbling house. Although the house was in the worst condition compared to the other houses they’ve purchased in the past, the company was determined to give it a dramatic make-over.

Once a beautiful home in Los Feliz, California, this house was badly neglected for more than 90 years. It was purchased for only $16,000 in the 1960’s.


Photo credit: Kenihan Development
Years of further neglect resulted to this. It became an eyesore in the neighbourhood that it was worthy of being wrecked.


Photo credit: Kenihan Development
Apparently, the previous owners filled the house with piles of garbages and junks. Talk about hoarding.


Photo credit: Kenihan Development
The house, which was already in a dangerous state, was filled with mold and filth.


Photo credit: Kenihan Development
But when the Kenihan Development company chanced upon the crumbling house, they decided to give it a chance.


Photo credit: Kenihan Development
After all the hardwork, this is what they came up with. The once filthy house dramatically transformed into a stunning Spanish retreat!


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
It’s completely unrecognizable!


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
Wouldn’t you fall in love with this house?


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
On their website, they wrote: “Our goal is to deliver a comfortable modern home. One that will mesh with the existing fabric of the neighborhood.”


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
Of course, the house is now selling far more expensive than $16,000. But after its surreal renovation, I bet it’s worth it!


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
This is absolutely a stunning makeover. Who wouldn’t want to live in this sunny Spanish home?


Photo credit: Tracy Do Real Estate
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