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Little Boy Buys Roses To Cheer Up Senior Citizens At Nursing...

He wears a police officer uniform and buys the flowers with his own allowance!

Photographer Shares Photos of Woman Who Unexpectedly Gave Birth In ER...

“Travis, catch him!” the woman told her husband. (WARNING: Graphic images ahead)

Game Warden Shoots at Two Deer with Tangled Antlers, Frees Them...

With one bullet shot, two beautiful animals get another chance to survive.

Ship That Went Missing For 132 Years Found Buried Under A...

A ship that sank in the Missouri River on September 5, 1856 was missing for 132 years before some treasure hunters found it in Kansas in 1987.

Kansas Deputies Conducted an Unusual ‘Sting Operation’ that Made Drivers Cry

You'll probably cry too if these police officers track you down and ask you to pull over.