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Game of Thrones Ice Hotel Now Open in Finland And It’s Truly Amazing!

Fancy living like a Night King?


If you’re a living and breathing Game of Thrones fan, you already know that winter is here and that you can’t wait to see what happens after the Night King destroyed the Wall with the help of ice-spewing Viserion. Unfortunately, the show won’t be back until 2019, which is way TOO LONG for any GOT fan.

While waiting for the show to resume, you can pony up the big bucks and live your winter fantasies in Finland, where an incredible Game of Thrones-inspired hotel stands.

Built by Lapland Hotels SnowVillage in collaboration with HBO Nordic, the amazing winter structure is made up entirely of ice and snow.

Source: instagram
Located in Kittilä, an hour-and-a-half flight from Helsinki and beyond the Artic circle into Finnish Lapland, the SnowVillage was built in just a month and designed by ice sculptors from Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

The hotel has 24 rooms, which include 10 suites adorned with unique sculptures right into the ice walls.

There’s also a dragon-shaped ice slide, an Ice Throne, and a Braavosi Hall of Faces.

It’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit inside the hotel so the hotel recommends guests to stay for one night in the “igloo” and spend the rest of their stay in one of the warmer and cozier cabins nearby. The hotel also provides warm sleeping bags and hot berry juice to warm up guests.

If a winter wedding is one of your fantasies, you can hold it right here at the hotel. The SnowVillage has an ice chapel for forging alliances.

According to Jari Porri, the destination manager of Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, the hotel holds “approximately 40 to 50 weddings per season. You don’t necessarily need to stay overnight to enjoy the village. There are plenty of activities here for visitors including an ice sculpture workshop, reindeer rides, as well as husky and snowmobile safaris.”

Of course, what’s a Game of Thrones adventure without drinks? The Ice Bar lets you swill alcohol like a Lannister.

Source: instagram
The most popular drink at the bar is a vodka shot served in a glass made of – what else – ice.

Source: instagram

You have to hurry if you plan to visit the SnowVillage. It’s open only until April 8 because you know, summer is coming next.


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