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6 Craziest Luxury Hotel Services in the World





A concierge service that will help you get rid of your hangover? A psychic for your dog? Access to 24-carat gold iPads?

You think these hotel services can only exist in your most outrageous one-percenter fantasies but they are actually REAL. Of course, you may actually have to be a one-percenter to be able to experience them, but hey, you may win the lottery someday.

#1. Soak in a $10,000 champagne bubble bath


Now you can have decadence Mariah Carey-style and soak in a tub filled with bubbly during your stay at Il Saviatino in Firenze, Italy. This service is available if you book the Ojetti Suite and you can choose between champagne, Spumante, or Prosecco for the most expensive bath ever, which can go higher than USD 10,000.

#2. Let the concierge prepare you a special hangover recovery drink

If you’re staying at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans and you had too much to drink at the Mardi Gras, you can call for the Recovery Concierge to help you get out of that hellish hangover. They will whip up their signature “Hair of the Dog” Bloody Mary that will help you get back into shape again for another night in Bourbon Street.

#3. Call a psychic for your furry friend


For regular people like you and me, it’s hard to find a decent pet-friendly hotel. But money has the ability to dismiss such inconveniences. At the Hotel deLuxe in Portland, Oregon, not only can you arrange for your dog or cat to be serviced by vets and groomers, you can also call for a psychic and acupuncturist. Oh, and there’s a spiritual menu as well!

#4. Browse in luxury using an iPad made of gold

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Speaking of decadence, perhaps nothing will top Dubai and its host of outrageously luxurious services. At the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, one of the most extravagant resorts on the planet, guests are given access to 24-carat gold iPads, which are manufactured exclusively for the hotel.

#5. Cruise the streets of Manhattan in a Bentley…for free


Well, if you’re a guest at The St. Regis New York, that is. Chauffeured Bentleys are available for guests on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can ride like a movie star within a 10-block radius of the hotel and you won’t get charged extra on your hotel bill.

#6. Dress up in period costumes (along with your friends) and dine like a lady of the manor



Only at Ballyfin in County Laois, Ireland can you get access to a legitimate costume department and play dress up to go to dinner. This lavish Irish county house can give you the 19th-century dinner party experience complete with period costumes for you and your guests to wear. Ballyfin also has a photographer that will take pictures of your group using the magnificent sceneries of the hotel as your backdrop.

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