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10 Best Hotels In the World For Children





Traveling with children can be stressful as they easily get bored and cranky. But the family can always have a grand vacation, especially when staying in a child-friendly hotel.

The world’s best hotels for traveling families not only offer exceptional service and ensure a wonderful experience for everyone, but are particularly aimed at making things as fun and as magical as possible for the little ones. Here are 10 of the best hotels specifically designed for kids.

#1. The Eloise Suite, The Plaza, New York

This hotel is based on the 1955 book Eloise: A Book for Precocious Grown Ups by Kay Thompson. In 2010, The Plaza thought of opening the adorable Eloise Suite. If you and your kid(s) are fans of the color pink, you can enjoy a lavish stay at this hotel for $2,193 a night.

#2. Gruffalo Rooms, Chessington Safari Hotel, UK

Source: Chessington

If your kid is a Gruffalo fan, enjoy a magical forest stay at the Gruffalo bedrooms. Not only does it capture the deep dark wood theme but guests can also enjoy watching Gruffalo films while relaxing. At $673 a night, the room can accommodate five guests, thanks to a double bed and bunk beds.

#3. Cinderella Castle Suite, Walt Disney World, Florida

Let your children live in a fairytale world and experience a princess-like life in the Cinderella Castle Suite during one of your family trips. Your little girls will surely be delighted to relax in this “royal bedchamber.”

#4. Ninjago Rooms, Legoland Resort Hotel, Windsor

Does your kid fancy some ninja experience? These Lego Ninjago rooms at Legoland Windsor Resort are a dream come true for fans of the franchise. In it, children can play Lego weapons and a “hatching dragon” built from Lego bricks.

#5. Carousel Suite, Efteling Hotel, Netherlands

The hotel has this spacious room that four people can stay in. Kids will love the distorting mirrors and the rocking horse. The carousel-style ceiling gives this suite its name and it’s mesmerizing.

#6. Swizzels Suite, Gulliver's Hotel, Cheshire

This is a sweet tooth’s dream and surely, kids will love it too. The room design is based on Swizzel’s sweets.

#7. Despicable Me Kids’ Suites, The Loews, Universal Orlando

You gotta love the adorable minions and staying in these Despicable Me-themed rooms will make your kids happy. You see the yellow guys everywhere. At a rate of $704 per night, enjoy the playful stay with Felonious Gru’s minions.

#8. Family Style, The London Edition

Going on a luxurious trip to London with the kids? Relax in a spacious suite in the London Edition while kids can have their playtime in a tent.

#9. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore is one luxurious hotel you shouldn’t miss when you visit this Asian country. During your stay, kids can enjoy child-friendly perks including Kids’ TV show and toys. The rooms are designed in different themes your kids will love including safari, underwater and castle.

#10. The Chocolate Room, Alton Towers Hotel, UK

Who wouldn’t love this sweet-themed hotel room? What’s more exciting is that kids can go on a hunt for treats hidden inside the compartments. There are also other designs including Postman Pat, Coca Cola, and Peter Rabbit.

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