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Japanese Zoo Conducts ‘Lion Escape’ Drill But The Real Lions Were Not Impressed

“Are they teaching the lions how to not get caught?”

  • A zoo in Ehime, Japan decided to conduct a lion escape drill to prepare its staff in case one of the big cats makes a break for it.
  • The video hilariously shows a man in a lion costume pretending to be an escaped lion that gets captured in front of real lionesses.
  • The lionesses didn’t seem impressed by the demonstration.

Every place must have an emergency drill to ensure safety. This is especially true with zoos that keep some potentially dangerous animals. For instance, a zoo in Japan had to conduct a lion escape drill in case one of the big cats manages to escape the premises. Interestingly, the video has gone viral because of the way the real lions reacted.

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The lion escape drill took place at the Tobe Zoo in Ehime, Japan. The video starts off with visitors being asked to step into a safe area as the staff put up nets to secure the adventurous feline, which turned out to be a man in a lion costume. The “lion” acts accordingly, trying to find a way around the net and attacks one of the zoo employees. Eventually, a van arrives and shoots the “lion” with a tranquilizer dart, making it fall asleep.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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Interestingly, this all goes down in front of the real lionesses, who are just not impressed with what they are seeing. Not surprisingly, it’s the reaction of the big cats that made the video go viral.

Some people even pointed out that the demonstration may have dissuaded the lionesses from trying to escape. On the other hand, it may have given them an idea of what NOT to do when planning their prison break.

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While it looks hilarious when you’re seeing a man in a lion costume going about the escape drill, it’s a safe way to get the staff prepared for the situation without placing anyone in harm’s way.


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