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21 Hilariously Honest Parenting Comics That All Parents Can Relate To

#10 and #20 are spot on!


Parenting, no doubt, is tough work. Parents have to make sure that their kids have all the support, love, and care that they need, on top of thinking about work, paying all the bills, and putting food on the table. Truly, we take our hats off to all parents out there – because doing all these is not an easy feat.

However, despite all the challenges that come with parenting, we are sure that days parents spend with their kids are laced with priceless moments that they definitely wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. Here is a compilation of comics that illustrate those precious moments.

See how many you can relate to:

1. It takes much, much effort to actually stay serious in a case like this.

Source: Lunarbaboon
2. Followed by 20 whys.

3. No wonder.

Source: channelate
4. It's payback time!

Source: Hedger Humor
5. This sounds like a plan.

6. "No, I'd really rather stay here with you."

7. Sorry, Dad.

Source: LunarBaboon
8. Beware of them toilet monsters.

Source: betje
9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Source: LunarBaboon
10. That unmistakable ambivalence.

11. That poor dog.

12. …and also the husband.

13. Just like a cat… paws under the door.

Source: betje
14. That's what love does…

Source: LunarBaboon
15. Famous last words.

16. Cookies are for after bedtime only.

Source: NickMom
17. Me as a baby.

Source: LunarBaboon
18. Every Mum has been there!

19. Try "Dad."

20. Pretty accurate.

Source: The Oatmeal
21. Oh, so soon?

Source: Hedger Humor

Parents really are awesome, aren’t they? So, cheers to all the dads and moms out there!


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