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20 Funny Illustrations that Connect Parenting to Science

‘Cause parenting is a science and every parent can be a theorist.


Although parenting is tough, every parent can attest that it is also fun. The smiles and laughter of kids can easily brighten their parents’ day, even if they already wrecked the house and scattered Lego all over the place.

So, two women named Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, a writer, and Jessica Ziegler, an illustrator and web developer created a website that pretty much sums up parenting, but in a funny and very relatable way — called Science of Parenthood.

The illustrations mere connect parenting to science with analogies that will make you say, “It’s applicable in everyday life.”

These pictures used the scientific philosophies of Isaac Newton’s laws, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, Archimedes’s principle, echolocation, the coefficient of friction, and geometry theorems.

Let’s look at the 20 illustrations that represent the daily struggles of every parent in a very scientific way.

‘Cause it’s Olympic’s season once again


Kids have an unlimited supply of energy


The new sheets now have crayon, pen, and ink stains


Only science can explain this


The short feeling of bliss


They want everything they see from the grocery until they have to eat it.


The struggle is real


Gadgets have the power to make them quiet


Or you may end up doing your child’s homework


Meal times are highly stressful events



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