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20 Funny Pranks by Couples Who Are Not Afraid to Put Their Relationship to the Test

I’m definitely going to do #12! Hahaha!


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we expect that it will rain surprises and expensive dinners on that day. While some couples choose to go all sweet and cheesy with their partners to celebrate this romantic occasion, some opt to pull hilarious pranks on each other.

If you are one of those people who wish to have a good laugh with your loved one on February 14, you might want to check out this compilation of photos to see how much fun these couples had while trolling each other. Surely, there’s no better way to rekindle companionship and warmth than a hearty laugh. Who knows, you might just get an awesome idea!

Check out these photos:

1. When you expectantly open the book and find this.

2. This is one of the best. Somebody give her an Oscar!

3. She got on and off the scale for seven minutes. Needless to say, she was confused.

4. She said she wanted a generic birthday party, so he gave her one.

5. Her husband always leaves her a note whenever he goes out of town.


Bride Wore T-Rex Costume to Pull “First-Look” Prank on Groom

What a fun way to start the married life!

Weddings are undoubtedly special events, not only for the newlyweds but also for their families and friends as well. Often, this occasion is filled with tear-jerking and meaningful moments that will forever be etched in the hearts of those who witness and experience it. And, most certainly, one of those most treasured moments is the "first-look" that couples get when they look at each other wearing wedding clothes, looking all dashing and beautiful.

That's usually the exact moment when they realize that they really are getting married and reality hits them so hard. Then they just get so happy that they lose it and their tears begin to fall. It's a heartwarming moment that is almost always captured in wedding videos.

However, Elizabeth Gardner has a different idea. She wanted her groom to be filled with laughter instead of tears of happiness when he takes his first look at her on their wedding day, so she decided to don a flashy T-rex costume.

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College Students Sign Fake Petition To Ban ‘White Christmas’ From Radio – Because It’s Racist!

Now’s a good time to do a facepalm. Seriously!

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous – the fact that someone came up with the odd idea of pranking people that “White Christmas” is a racist song or the fact that some actually believed it.

Seriously? Yeah, seriously. I so want to do a facepalm right now!

In a prank video by MRCTV, Dan Joseph went around the George Mason University and asked students to sign a fake petition to ban “White Christmas” from the radio.

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Young Chess Grandmaster Owns Unsuspecting Hustlers in Washington Square Park

Beat them at their own game, he did.

Chess is definitely not for everyone. Not all people have the patience and the smarts to play it, let alone master it. It entails spending countless hours everyday just to own the game. So imagine just how great chessmasters are, especially the younger ones. To be able to become a chessmaster in your 20s is no easy feat.

Just ask Mangus Carlsen, who at the age of 25 is already a grandmaster. Beat that!


The Norwegian player was hailed as the best in the world back in 2013. Back then, he defeated former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand. Aside from his mastery of the game, another remarkable thing about Carlsen is destroying the stereotype of the chessplayer - older and looking nerdy.

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