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14 Totally Free Things Offered On The Internet





The Internet is the best place to turn to for resources – whether you’re in need of a recipe, a book or tools to improve productivity. The wonderful news is that the Internet offers these things for free and anyone can have easy access to them.

Everyone just seems to love free things but not everyone realizes that many of them are found online. Here are 14 free things on the Internet to make your lives better.

#1. Free Therapy

Talking to someone about your problems is a healthy step toward healing. If you can’t afford a therapist, don’t worry. Just head over to 7 Cups and find that “active listener” to talk to with complete confidentiality. The free service even lets you find the right listener based on the person’s life experience and location.

#2. Free Education

Pursuing higher education can be expensive and this may be the reason some people can’t go on to pursue higher education even if they want to. Class Central provides free online courses from Stanford, MIT and Harvard. You get the information you need straight from your computer without having to pay off student loans. Similarly, offers online courses at no cost but the service will give you the option to get a paid verified certificate (at a lower price) to boost your resume. If you need to learn foreign languages, Duolingo is a great and fun app to use.

#3. Free books!

Go paperless with your books by choosing e-books and audiobooks. Sometimes, though, e-books for your gadget can be pricey but Project Gutenberg offers them for free. There are over 50,000 books offered, including popular classics like Frankenstein and A Tale of Two Cities. You can either read these books online or download them to be read on your e-reader. If you’re more into audio-books, visit LibriVox and download thousands of free ones.

#4. Free background noise

Need to improve your productivity as you study or boost creativity to help you focus on what you’re creating? A soothing background noise can help you with that. Just head over to Noisli and browse a library of calming sounds of nature.

#5. Free coupons

RetailMeNot lets you browse through 50,000 retail shops for free coupons so you can shop with big discounts. Before you go shopping online or at a store, head over to the website and put your search skills to the test.

#6. Self-destructing email address

You know those sites where they ask for your email addresses in exchange for a freebie or a PDF file you think is useful? You don’t have to use your personal email address and receive daily emails from your subscription when there’s 10 Minute Mail. And you got that right, 10 minutes after you’ve confirmed to a website subscription, the dummy email disappears forever.

#7. Free Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop can be expensive but you don’t need to buy the software. Download apps like Pixlr and GIMP – both are free and have impressive photo editing capabilities.

#8. Free logins to websites

Need to sign up to a website to get free content that you want but don’t want to be bothered with actually filling out those queries like your full name, email address etc. BugMeNot’s got you covered. Note that you can’t create your account using the free service for sites like YouTube and Amazon.

#9. Free Documentaries

Documentary Heaven and Documentary Storm are your go-to sites if you enjoy watching documentaries. If you don’t like what’s on Netflix, you can browse through the documentary resource sites.

#10. Free Fonts

This may be a no-brainer because, after all, you have all the fonts you need on your word processing software. Or does it really have every fancy font type your eyes have set on? If you use creative fonts you’ve never seen before for your business, you need to make sure you only get those that are free for commercial use – not for personal use only. Lost Type is the site you want to visit for this purpose.

#11. Free Editing for Grammar and Spelling

Grammarly is a superb app that can truly help you with your essays and writing. It might have paid plans but the basic grammar and spell check features are free. The app can be downloaded and linked to your browse. It helps by spotting your mistakes to help you write better in your emails and status posts.

#12. Free Music Streaming

If you’re tired of spending money on iTunes, just choose Spotify. The popular platform offeres free music streaming for non-premium accounts.

The downsides include having to deal with ads that interrupt your listening, and no access to an individual song and offline streaming. You might also want to check out Pandora for your music needs.

#13. Help feed the hungry for free

Do you believe in how great it feels to give to those who are in need? Then you also believe in donations. But sometimes, donations come at a price and it might deter someone from actually helping. With Freerice, you don’t have to worry about that. You can feed hungry people from all over the world and all you have to do is answer questions correctly. It’s like taking a quiz and your score is converted to grains of rice.

#14. Free financial management

If you feel you’re not doing any good with your finances and you seriously need help, Mint is a free resource you can use. Check your credit, manage your bank accounts safely and pay bills using this platform.

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