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Adorable One-Eyed Kitten With Four Ears Overcomes Odds To Find Forever Home




  • Frankie the kitten had several health problems early on in his young life.
  • The tiny cat had to have an eye removed, teeth filed down, and still requires knee surgery.
  • Nevertheless, Frankenkitten overcame all the odds and found a loving forever home.

Some people tend to give up when they encounter minor obstacles. However, one rescue kitten has managed to overcome everything that life threw his way. The unfortunate kitten went through several health problems that made him lose one eye. Nevertheless, the brave little cat with four adorable ears got through it all and eventually found his forever home.

Frankie (full name Frankenkitten) was discovered under a house where his mother, a feral cat, had given birth to him. The kitten and his brother were taken in by the homeowner before they were brought to a shelter for rehoming. Although Frankie was brought in with two eyes, one needed to be removed due to an infection. However, having an eye removed was just one of Frankie’s numerous health issues.

Meet Frankie, the adorable little kitten with four ears.

According to Frankie’s owner Georgi Anderson, the kitten has an overbite that causes his lower canines to dig into the roof of his mouth. The teeth had to be cut to avoid further damage. Moreover, the joints in Frankie’s hind legs cause his knees to slide in and out of place, making it difficult to walk.

Luckily, Frankie doesn’t seem to let any of these problems get him down. Anderson says that the kitten is a little sweetheart.

“His personality is very cheeky, but he gets away with it because he is also very sweet. He is not overly intelligent which has been a noticed trait in some other cats with 4 ears … But he is so loving and affectionate and seems to sense when I have had a difficult day. I almost would say he has a doglike personality.”

Anderson is still saving for the operation that will fix Frankie’s knees but the kitten isn’t worried about that too much. There is little doubt that he is just happy to have found his forever home at last.

You can see more of Frankie on Instagram and Facebook.

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