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Mysterious British Island Celebrates Christmas Two Weeks Late

This island in Britain celebrates their Christmas and New Year two weeks later than everyone else.

Faye Marcos Jimenea





Christmas is a holiday celebrated all around the world on the 25th of December, and no other day would Christmas be Christmas if it isn’t on that date. However, a very peculiar society living in a remote offshore island in Britain celebrate there Christmas two weeks after everyone in the world already did.

How rude of them, you say? Well, not really. The residents on Foula in Shetland follow a different calendar than the rest of the world. Not only that, they will also celebrate New Year two weeks after the 1st of January celebrations. Foula follows the old Julian calendar that marks the Yule on January 6th and Newerday on the 13th.

Breathtaking backdrop on Foula in Shetland

If you’re seeing a whole island celebrating Christmas and having a party without you then don’t worry because Foula has only 30 residents, 10 of which are kids. The Foula people have strong Norse tradition of folklore, music and festivities. They are also the last to speak Norn, which is a form of Norse language that have long been unused since the 1800’s.

According to one of the inhabitants of Foula, they are not unique and that the world has changed but they in Foula have stayed the same since the olden days. Because Foula was such an off the grid type of island society, they only got running water in 1982 and full electricity in 1984.

A beautiful and eerie look on stone houses in Foula

Sheep litter the grassy lands of Foula

Foula is also prone to some heavy weather changes such as strong storms. Recently, it suffered a storm wherein broken car windows and such were found in the aftermath. But according to the residents, it is only winter weather and that they had a good summer anyway.

If you plan to go to Foula, you’d be surprised to know that it won’t even take you a day to walk around the whole island because its only 3 1/2 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide. You can also bet, you will know everyone and anyone in just under an hour.

Residents of Foula playing songs and having a laugh

Merry Christmas to Foula and an advance Happy New Year!


Visiting Okinawa: Japan’s Hidden Treasure

Haisai, Uchina Mensore!

Ann Nuñez



Known for its fascinating culture, fashion, history, and magnificent sceneries, Japan is one country most travelers want to cross off their bucket list. If you ask tourists what specific region they want to visit, most would answer well-known places such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, or Hokkaido. However, another gem of a prefecture that's less known among tourists is Okinawa.

See that group of islands at the southernmost part of Japan? Yep, that's Okinawa.

Here are some of the reasons (and the places you shouldn't miss!) you should visit the lovely islands of Okinawa:

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Most Dangerous Travel Destinations in the World Revealed

Before packing your bags, know about these travel advisories for your own safety.

Jamie Casadores



One of a traveler’s worst nightmares would be to get caught up in a conflict or be a victim of violence in a foreign country. Thus, as a safety precaution, it would be wise to check the security status of a country or a tourist destination that one would visit. Thanks to the internet, we could research about a place in advance. So before planning a trip to another country, make sure you arm yourself with information.

Fortunately, some non-government organizations took the liberty in surveying the entire world for you even before you take a step in that country. All you need to do is to find your destination on the map.

International SOS and Control Risks released a map rating danger risk of every country in the world. Danger could either be due to distress in government, terrorism and even petty crimes. The map is color-coded to help travelers easily identify the travel risk of every country.

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Citadelle Laferrière: Inside One Of Haiti’s Mysterious Military Fortress

Lets take a visit in one of the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Site and Haiti’s incredible history surrounding the massive Citadelle Laferrière.

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While Haiti is primarily known for its scenic views and beautiful blue waters, it also has a lesser-known place hidden inland. This place is called Citadelle Laferrière and it is gorgeous, enigmatic and above all, an unbelievable fortress.

Citadelle Laferrière is located on top of a mountain called Bonnet a L’Eveque in Northern Haiti that is 17 miles south of the city of Cap-Haïtien. Its location atop the mountain makes it a good place to view the rolling hills and the Atlantic coast of the country. If the skies are clear, even the eastern cost of Cuba can be observed, which is just a mere 90 miles away.

Citadelle Laferrière

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