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Fossils of Airplane-Sized Reptile That Ate Dinosaurs Discovered in Mongolian Desert

Although this creature had wings, it preferred to stalk its prey on the ground.

A gigantic flying reptile that ate dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. The fossils of the creature believed to have a wingspan of a small airplane were discovered in Mongolia, particularly in the Gobi Desert.

Scientists from Japan, Mongolia, and the United States have been working on finding the remains of this prehistoric reptile since 2006, which at that time paleontologist Buuvei Mainbayar discovered the fossil in the said desert.

Researchers said that the winged terror had a 36-foot wingspan.

They like to feed on things found on the ground with their enormous beaks.

The good thing is that this monstrous creature is long dead – 70 million years ago.

The team of paleontologists discovered the fossil in the treeless Gurilin Tsav, an area known to be rich with fossils. Mainbayar discovered the first vertebra and showed it to study lead author Takanobu Tsuihiji.

“I immediately recognized that it might be a pterosaur and was astonished at its gigantic size,” Tsuihiji said. “Straight away, we went back to the site and discovered the rest of the specimen.”

The pterosaur or flying reptile belonged to a mysterious group of animals called the azhdarchids and it probably is one of the largest pterosaurs that existed, as explained in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Although the reptile had wings, it could still walk on its legs and preferred stalking little dinosaurs on the ground for its meal.

This creature would have stood 18 feet high and with its wingspan, the pterosaur could rival the Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx. Scientists still can’t declare this discovery from Mongolia a new species just yet since its remains have not been completed.

Pterosaur fossils are a rare find, but bones from this species have been previously discovered in North America in Europe. The recent discovery in Mongolia only proves that these pterosaurs lived in Asia. Preserving pterosaur fossils are often difficult since their bones are not as sturdy as other dinosaurs’.


Indian Man Beats His Poor Dog Because It Can’t Write The Alphabet

The dog’s owner wanted it to learn the alphabet.

Dogs are man's best friends. These critters are loyal, loving and energetic. However, some humans do not have the compassion for dogs, even leading to abuse.

In a new viral video, a man was filmed beating a dog simply because it can't write the alphabet. the horrifying video shows the man repeatedly slapping a confused dog on the face.

Apparently, the man attempted to teach the dog to write and recite the alphabet.

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Dogs May Actually Protect Against Childhood Asthma And Eczema

More reasons to love dogs!

In the past, dogs have been dubbed as sources of allergens that could trigger asthma attacks and eczema bouts. It has been a known fact that some dogs may lead to allergies but now, a team of scientists are claiming the exact opposite - dogs actually protect babies against asthma and eczema.

Two new studies have shown that dogs may protect kids from eczema and asthma, giving people more reasons to love dogs. The first study reveals that babies who were born in a home with a dog during pregnancy have received protection from eczema, which is a type of skin allergy.

Moreover, the study shows that the protective effect of the dog goes down by the age of 10.

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Chinese Dog Eaters Use Blow Torch to Roast Canines as Owners Find Their Pets Missing

This is disgusting!

Eating dogs is a practice that is generally frowned upon, even condemned. See, society is not comfortable with the idea of people eating man's best friend even though it's okay to eat farm animals such as pigs, chickens, and cows. Learning that a certain group of people are eating dogs is enough to make us hungry for blood, what more if you learn that these dogs are being roasted?

You can only imagine how these Chinese dog owners felt when they saw their missing canines about to be roasted for food. The authorities have raided an illegal dog meat shop after its workers were seen roasting canines using a blow torch. The China Animal Health Inspection received calls from animal lovers and dog owners in Changsa whose pets have gone missing.

The raid happened at at Mawangdui market in Changsha of Hunan Province on October 30.

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