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Bridesmaid Shows Up In T-Rex Costume At Wedding After She Was Told To Wear Whatever She Wants

“I regret nothing,” she proclaimed!

  • Christina Meador went viral on social media after rocking an inflatable dinosaur costume at a wedding.
  • Apparently, she was told by her older sister Deanna Adams, who is the bride, that she can wear anythingfor the big day.

Let’s say you’ve been invited to a wedding and you were told you can wear whatever kind of outfit you want. What would you actually wear on the occasion?

For this woman, only one idea popped up in her mind: she wanted to go as a dinosaur. And she later gained viral fame on social media because of it.

Around one year ago, Christina Meador received a text message from Deanna Adams, her older sister, asking her to be the maid of honor for her wedding in Nebraska.

Christina, of course, said yes to the invitation although there was one problem – she’s not exactly fond of “wearing formal dresses.” Expressing her concern to Deanna, her big sister assured her that she could wear any outfit she prefers.

And so this is where the insane idea began.

Instead of buying a fancy dress, Christina thought she’d get something really unusual: an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume.

“If I’m spending more than $50, I want it to be a dinosaur costume,” shared the bridesmaid, “because they’re fantastic and I’ve always wanted one.”

Christina texted Deanna about rocking a T-Rex suit for the event, expecting the thought would crack her up. Much to her surprise, she was actually cool about it.

While she did purchase the dino costume, Christina also got a dress to wear just in case. However, she shed some weight before the big day and so the dress was already too large for her. So she decided to go with her original plan!

Not surprisingly, the photos later went viral online and a lot of people have been amused by the bridesmaid’s hilarious stunt. Despite that, there were a few commenter who said that what Christina did was inappropriate because she stole the spotlight from the bride.

Well Deanna totally disagrees with that, describing her sister as “awesome” and adding she truly wasn’t joking when she told her she can wear anything.

The bride even pointed out that the whole thing was “a giant middle finger” at society’s impractical expectations for weddings.


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