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7 Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Skin

If you cannot avoid them, then at least minimize consuming them.


More often than not, the things we love to eat are the things that put us at risk. We get sick or ill because we tend to overeat stuff that is not healthy at all. Or, perhaps, we do not practice balance eating and proper diet?

To help you avoid these unpleasant consequences, we compiled a list of food that you should avoid – or at least minimize – eating. Not only are they unhealthy, they are proven to be toxic to your skin. Scroll down below and take note of them.

#7. Alcohol

Source: Pixabay

Ah, alcohol. This beverage is always present in any celebrations or gatherings. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin. It brings plenty of side effects, most of which are plain bad. Keep in mind that alcohol promotes hormone disruption and thus leads to skin diseases such as acne. This goes without saying that it significantly lowers your immune system’s efficiency.

#6. Rice Cakes

Source: Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, rice cakes are in no way healthy. Eating them can only lead to wrinkles and can even influence your brain’s functionality. More importantly, it often leads to gaining more weight, as they are so easy to overeat.

#5. Sushi

Source: Pixabay

Delicacies such as sushi are proven to bring premature aging and skin diseases. They contain a huge amount of salt, which is one of the body’s worst enemies. Overeating them can result to a dull, dehydrated skin. It is okay to sporadically eat sushi, but do not attempt to consume huge quantities.

#4. Dairy Products

Source: Pixabay

People who keep consuming dairy products are prone to acne, pimples, and wrinkles. It contains a growth hormone that dramatically exacerbates your skin’s oil glands. This is why you always have an oily skin, no matter what face products you use. And, oh, cows are often fed with moldy GMO corn and soybeans. This process damages the milk they produce, thanks to ultra-pasteurization, skimming, and so on.

#3. Cereals

Source: Pixabay

It is true – cereals are bad for your skin. And even if the package says natural, it is still bad. Some of their ingredients contain GMO, which, in one way or another, makes your skin itchy. They even increase your chances of getting skin allergies, causing more acne to appear.

#2. Processed Meats

Source: Pixabay

Have you wondered why you usually get swollen skin? Or, at least, your skin gets irritated after eating at a restaurant or café? Well, that is because you consumed too much meat such as bacon, ham, chicken brine, and burgers, among others. They contain nitrates that destroy your skin’s elastin and collagen. Add to this the fact that their salt volume is quite high.

#1. Juices

Source: Pixabay

Of course, everyone loves to drink juice! However, the truth is it’s in no way healthier than soda. Juices contain the same amount of sugar as soda. And this is enough to break down the collagen that makes your skin smooth. More importantly, juices lack fiber. To put it simply, these beverages do not provide your skin with the necessary nutrients it requires to stay healthy.


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