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30 Food Lies That Absolutely Shattered Our Trust

Even food can’t be trusted.






In a world filled with heartbreaks, stressors, and fears, there’s almost always one thing that comes to our rescue aside from dogs (okay, and other pets, maybe) – food. Imagine that tub of delectable ice cream? Or that extra-large serving of ranch-barbecue-flavored French fries?

We all have that one comfort food that is sure to give our tattered spirits the uplifting that it so desperately needs during trying times. But what will you do if even that food, which you’ve been craving and so looking forward to munching on, end up shattering that tiny bit of trust left in your whole being?

From deceitful cheese slices to chocolates in disguise, food really has its own way of spelling disappointment. Check out this compilation of food items that have betrayed humankind:

1. This cheeseburger from Manila.

2. This Easter Bunny in disguise.

3. This confusing concentration.

4. This gluten-free cookie.

Source: coolsikboy
5. This chocolate bar.

6. This 10% difference.

7. This panda ice cream.

8. This large-size fries.

9. This pepperoni-filled pizza.

10. This impostor of a captain.

11. This scoop discrepancy.

12. This lonely ravioli.

13. This pack of jumbo shrimps.

14. This Product of Canada from Arizona.

15. This fraudulent sandwich.

16. This indestructible carton.

17. This seedless watermelon.

18. This sprinkle of oregano.

19. This new and bigger packaging.

20. This raisin loaf.

21. This panda candy.

22. This pack of finely cut brocolli.

23. This ice cream in a cone.

24. This dollar-store steak.

25. This too large pizza box.

26. This scumbag cheese.

27. This tightly packed fish.

28. This misleading packaging.

29. This scarcely frosted pop tart.

30. That 1/3 you saved.

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10 of the Most Ridiculous Reasons Why Siblings Fight

“Mom, he looked at me!” – and all hell breaks loose.




Probably one of the greatest joys for parents is seeing their kids playing together, protecting each other, and just getting along wonderfully. However, such peaceful and lovable scenario doesn't always happen every day to all siblings. There are just days when they get on each other's nerves and are very much willing to rip each other's throats.

The thing is, when sibling fights do fight, the reason is often irrational. From staring games to seating arrangements, there is just a wide array of absurd reasons for kids to fight. So, we have compiled a few of those ridiculous fight-inciting scenarios.

If you are a parent of more than one kid, or if you are someone who has siblings, see how many of these you can relate to:

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The Boyfriends of Instagram will get into the craziest positions — willingly or by force — to get the perfect shot demanded by their girlfriends.

Faye Williams



We live in the age of social media where most people share photos of their milestones or scenes from their everyday lives. That said, there are women who want to post nothing but great-looking photos on their Instagram pages. They often ask their boyfriends or husbands to take photos that they feel would get a lot of likes and these men have been dubbed as the "Boyfriends of Instagram" or Instagram boyfriends. Naturally, there's now a Facebook and Instagram page devoted to these guys.

We'd like to think that all of these men willingly became their girlfriends' or wives' photographers. However, the reality is that there are also some of them who are forced to do it in the name of love. We've picked 25 photos of these Instagram boyfriends (both willing and forced) in action.

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Mark Andrew



Trust is a sacred thing that, once broken, can be hard to win back. So when a relationship ends because of cheating, you can almost always be sure that it certainly wouldn’t end well.

Take it from Nick Lutz, a college student who decided to break up with his girlfriend after she cheated on him.

Eventually, his ex decided to write him an apology letter, asking for forgiveness while, ironically, claiming no cheating ever occurred.

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