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Nine Months Pregnant Woman With Twins Drops To The Floor To Show Off Her Flexibility. Whew!





Being pregnant entails lots of physical restrictions, particularly during the final weeks of pregnancy. While doctors continuously encourage women to exercise and engage themselves in some sort of physical activity, they warn about overdoing it. Doctors say it is best to find an exercise that a pregnant woman is most comfortable with so that she can stay safe and healthy during the entire pregnancy. Health reminders such as drinking water during exercise and taking periods of rest are all always being encouraged. Yes, we get the picture; the emphasis is on the “simple” type of movement, but uhm, not for this woman in the video we found.

She is nine months pregnant, but she shows in this video how flexible she is. Take note that she is pregnant with twins! OMG! She drops to the floor and we were surprised by how much she can stretch her legs to such wide extent.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: GabeandJess via The San Francisco Globe

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