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Nigerian Mom Sets the Record Straight: Her ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Boys are Identical Twins




  • A Nigerian woman named Stacey set the record straight about her boys, Daniel and David, by putting up an Instagram account for the twins.
  • Despite the difference in appearance, she shared that Daniel and David are almost biologically identical.
  • Daniel, like their older sister, has dark skin and black hair while David has light skin and golden hair.
  • Stacey clarified that David has a condition called albinism, hence the difference.

Since their birth early this year, twin brothers Daniel and David have been getting a lot of attention in person and on Instagram. Though their mother Stacey says that they are nearly biologically identical, the obvious differences between their physical looks tell another story.

According to her, they did not expect that the boys would look very different at birth when the doctor said she might have nonidentical twins. “We did not know about their differences while I was pregnant, the scan did not show such so it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin [Daniel] came out with black hair and the second twin [David] came out with gold hair,” Stacey shared.

It didn’t take long before the “nurses started coming out to look at them,” Stacey said.

Even her husband was pleasantly surprised about how David looked and “immediately named My Twin 2 [David] ‘Golden’.”

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I’m David 👼🥰

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According to Stacey, the boys’ father “stood for more than 10 minutes staring at them and said he was just looking at God’s wonderful work and that they are his best gift ever.”

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We love our Pappy 😍😍😍 @babajideomirin

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Little David has white skin and gold hair unlike his family because of a condition called albinism – a genetic condition where there is little to no melanin pigment in hair, eyes, and skin. On the other hand, the first twin, Daniel, has dark skin and black curly hair, like his older sister Demilade.

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Still our sister’s big 5💗

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The proud mom shared that the boys now have their own Instagram account “because we believe they have a story to tell to the world and also as a way of creating awareness.” Apparently, David’s albinism and the stark differences between the twins keep leading to questions about “which one is hers.”

She also said that the Instagram account will help offer awareness to others and acceptance and self-love for the boys. She hopes that the Instagram account can showcase the unique differences of the boys aside from the physical ones.

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Daniel rocking David🥰Best Friends Forever🥰

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