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If You Have A Broken Zipper, You Can Easily Fix it Using A Pair Of Scissors!

Broken Zipper is not a problem at all. See how it is done, like a walk in the park.

A broken zipper may tell you that you need a new dress, pants or whatever it is that have a busted zipper but before giving a death sentence to your clothing; consider fixing the zipper first. It may be difficult to make the zipper work again but knowing the right steps will save your favorite stuff.

You may bring it to a seamstress and put out some cash just to save your possession or you may do it yourself.

Here are some reminders to follow before fixing your zippers with a scissor.

Check your pants or the dress if it still fits you perfectly.

Check your pants or the dress if it still fits you perfectly.

Source: nyfifth

Before fixing the zipper, first consider to check if the clothing still fits you perfectly. If it is too tight then consider getting a bigger size because eventually the zipper will get separated again. For bags, make sure that you are not putting too much items in your bag.

Check and Clean Zipper For Any Build Up On It.

Check and Clean Zipper For Any Build Up On It.

Source: Wikihow

Next thing to do is to clean the zipper for any build up. Usually zipper teeth eat some wool or thread. If that is the case then clean it with soapy water then zip it back and forth to remove the clog. Make sure that you remove everything.

Make sure both sides are aligned and zippers are straight.

Make sure both sides are aligned and zippers are straight.

After doing the second step, make sure that all teeth of your zipper are straight. A bent tooth will result a zipper to pop open. You can use a pair of pliers or tweezers to fix the bent tooth but be careful not to pull out the zipper tooth. Apply this to all bent teeth. After which, zip it up and down to check a smooth movement.

Finally, Watch How to Fix Broken Zippers with the Use of Scissors:

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It’s easy to do but be careful not to cut too much on the clothing. For first time DIY fixer, prepare yourself if you might accidentally do an irreversible damage. Just prepare some cash to buy a new cloth or new zipper. After all, practice makes perfect, right? I hope that this video will help you.

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