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Fisherman Discovers Yellow Lump He Kept In Thai Shed Is $30K Worth Of Whale Vomit




  • Back in 2014, a Thai fisherman discovered an odd yellow lump while he was out at sea.
  • The man brought the mysterious object home and didn’t know what to do with it for over five years.
  • Amazingly, the strange object turned out to be a huge lump of whale vomit that is valued at over $30,000.

It’s true that the oceans are filled with hidden treasures. However, not all of them are sparkly and covered in precious gemstones. One fisherman found a mysterious yellow lump in the waters and decided to keep it in his shed for five years. Amazingly, the strange object turned out to be whale vomit that is valued at about $30,000.

Suwat Chitchanthuek found the mysterious lump at sea back in 2014. The fisherman from Rayong in eastern Thailand had no idea what it was but decided to bring it home. During the five years he had it, Suwat would toy around with the object, carving at it with a knife. However, he has then realized that the lump is actually a waxy substance known as ambergris, a rare ingredient that is used for producing perfume.

The mysterious lump was actually more valuable than expected!

The yellow lump is currently valued at one million Thai baht or $30,779 (£25,000). However, Suwat revealed that it could have been more valuable if he hadn’t played around with it in the first place.

“It was heavier and bigger when I first caught it because nobody in this village knew what it was,” Suwat said. “Sometimes when I was bored, I carved it with the knife to kill time which made it smaller. Now, I really regret doing that.”

Suwat with the lump of ambergris.

Ambergris is also known as grey amber and is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales.

Although it initially has a fecal odor when it is fresh, it develops a sweeter scent as it ages. This is why it is often used in making perfume. Unfortunately, it is also exceedingly rare due to the dwindling number of sperm whales.

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