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Filipinos Much Wanted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Because Guests Loves Them

Filipino workers are known for their hospitality and hard work, and foreign companies are recognizing it too!


Good news to all Filipino seafarers and people in the hospitality and services industry! The Chief Executive Officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Richard Fain just announced that he is planning to setup a recruitment center in the Philippines to hire as many Filipinos for the different positions needed for their cruise ships.

In an interview with ANC’s segment The Boss, Fain revealed that his company intends to hire 11,000 Filipino workers in 2016 for the upcoming launch of their newest cruise ship Ovation of the Seas set to sail in April 2016. He further said that they are very willing to hire as much as 30,000 workers until 2020 with the setting up of their recruitment and testing centers in Cavite (a locality a few kilometers South of the country capital, Manila).

Filipino workers comprise a big percentage of seafarers worldwide

Filipino workers comprise a big percentage of seafarers worldwide

When asked why he has this definite preference for Filipino workers, this is what the CEO has to say,

“We already have more Filipino seafarers than any other nationalities and they provide tremendous level of service. Our guests love them”

. He also added that Filipinos love their job, the guests and the company too.

“The other thing is they seem to love us, love working for us. They are our best recruiters. They talk to their friends, their neighbors, their in-laws and they bring others to come,”

A Filipino cruise ship crew politely giving service to guests

A Filipino cruise ship crew politely giving service to guests

Well this certainly seems like very good news for Filipinos who are looking out for jobs in the maritime industry. Continue the good service, the good outlook and work ethics as well as that world-famous Filipino hospitality because the world is recognizing it all. 🙂

For a video of the interview and details of the recruitment, watch here:

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