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Filipino Frontliners Are Using Improvised PPEs To Address Shortage

They made their own PPEs using trash bags and plastic bags.

  • The medical staff of St Jude Hospital in Los Banos, Laguna in the Philippines are currently lacking personal protective equipment (PPE) as they lead the battle against coronavirus.
  • The frontliners eventually came up with an idea to make improvised PPEs which using plastic bags and trash bags.
  • Their photos went viral online and many have since hailed these frontliners as heroes.

A group of medical professionals in the Philippines has recently gained a lot of attention from netizens after their photos went viral on social media. Apparently, these Frontliners are using their ingenuity by creating improvised personal protective equipment (PPE) so they can still perform their duties despite the shortage.

Posted on Facebook by Tes Depano, the images featured health workers from St Jude Hospital in Los Banos, Laguna wearing PPEs made of trash bags and plastic bags. The photos have since been shared by thousands of users who have expressed admiration for their sincere service even without proper equipment.

Not even a lack of protective suits will stop them from helping the public.

Depano, who also works in the said hospital, wrote:

“We are calling the attention of DOH (Department of Health) or any agency that can supply us with Personal Protective Equipments.”

According to her, the hospital has already ran out of PPEs and couldn’t buy new ones because they’ve sold out. And so they decided to go DIY in the hopes of keeping their staff members safe.

Check out the rest of the pictures here:

Netizens have hailed them as heroes but some were also quick to point that they need proper PPEs soon since these makeshift ones aren’t enough to protect them.

As of March 23, coronavirus has infected 341,684 individuals and has claimed 14,751. Meanwhile, the Philippines has so far reported 462 confirmed cases and a death toll of 33.

For those interested to donate PPEs for the workers of St Jude Hospital, you may get in touch with Tes Depano via her Facebook account.


Coronavirus: Thousands of Indonesians Attend Public Prayers Despite Appeal to Cancel

“If we get infected at a mosque and die, we die nobly,” a worshipper said.

  • Several mosques in Jakarta, Indonesia defied the appeal of local officials to suspend public prayers for two weeks, amidst efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Reporters from The Strait Times visited some mosques in Jakarta and said that muslims attended the prayers and it was "full house."
  • Some worshippers explained their decision to attend the massive gathering, believing that "Life and death is in God's hands".

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Italian COVID-19 Patients Over 80 Years Old Will Be “Left to Die,” According to New Proposal

“Who lives and who dies is decided by age and by the patient’s health conditions. This is how it is in a war.”

  • The crisis management team in Turin made a proposal on how the Italian government should address the pandemic, once the virus gets out of control .
  • The team proposed that healthcare sectors should determine who should receive treatment in intensive care and who will be denied.
  • The protocol was made in case Italy's intensive care capacity "runs short" as coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to infect thousands of people in Italy.

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Americans Are Hoarding Guns Amid Spread of Coronavirus Pandemic

While some are stocking up on toilet paper, others are lining up for guns.

  • Buyers in the United States are lining up at gun stores to get their own firearms and ammunition.
  • According to some, they want to prepare for the unexpected, amid the spread of coronavirus in the country.
  • Authorities, however, disagree that hoarding guns would help solve the health problem.

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