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This ‘Dare To Fight A Ninja’ Prank Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Watch Today





We’ve seen all sorts of crazy pranks here at EliteReaders – from the scary Killer Bee Elevator prank to the awkwardly hilarious Camel Toe Prank and everything else in between.

Needless to say, you can rest assured we’ll keep on writing and sharing about the most insane practical jokes we’d find out there in the interwebs. Besides, we all love to have a good laugh, right?

Well, this prank by ImprovInToronto has been so well-executed I was still laughing at the video by the third time I watched it. The scenario? A lone black ninja stood on the streets with a “Fight Me” sign. Things took a hilarious turn as strangers picked up the sword to challenge the warrior.

Check out the prank here:

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Entitled “Dare to Fight!?,” this 2011 video seemed to have found new life as it recently got shared on social media and various viral news sites. The view count continues to increase now with 10,395,177 views and counting.

I couldn’t help but crack up with the reactions of the people, especially that first guy who ran for his life. On the other hand, that woman with the flower is pretty epic for doing her best to fight all of the ninjas single-handedly.

It really is refreshing to see pranks that are simply 100% fun these days. Kudos to all the guys at ImprovInToronto for this cool clip!

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