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Fed Up Blogger Sends Lazy Husband To Grocery Store With IMPOSSIBLE Shopping List

Nobelle Borines





Are you one of those women who struggle at getting your spouse to help around the house? You’re about to feel truly vindicated. A frustrated blogger decided she has had enough of her lazy husband and made him go to the grocery store with a shopping list filled with items that don’t exist.

Karen Alpert of Illinois runs a parenting blog. In addition to raising two adorable children and writing bestselling books, Alpert usually gets very busy around the house while her husband lies on the couch all morning. To get revenge, she decided to create an impossible shopping list filled with nonexistent items and sent her hubby to the grocery store.

Here’s the impossible shopping list Alpert gave her husband.

According to Alpert, her husband “has been lying on the couch all morning while I’m doing soooo much stuff.” His laziness eventually led to Alpert being “super annoyed” and looking for some revenge. To do so, she “sent him to the grocery store… with a special shopping list.” The worst part was, she had “turned my ringer off.”

Fed-up moms immediately applauded Alpert for her hilarious (and notably passive-aggressive) prank on her own husband. However, others also pointed out that some hubbies would simply purchase a similar item instead of worrying about the list. However, Alpert’s husband probably didn’t think about that.

Alpert recently posted this hilarious photo.

Some comments also pointed out that the prank was “mean” and that Alpert should have just asked her husband for help instead. Men even chimed in, saying that their wives are also guilty of simply lying around while they worked tirelessly.

Interestingly, Alpert’s list isn’t exactly impossible, if you read more thoroughly. As one comment pointed out, “whole milk is 3.25% milk.” In addition to that, organic pop tarts do exist while “unsour cream is cream.”

Despite the impossible shopping list, the family still enjoy some fun moments.

Hopefully, Alpert’s husband will recover soon. In the meantime, other wives are already considering creating a similar list just to get back at their husbands.

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