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Father Shares Scary Video Of Son’s Reflection In Mirror





Mirrors are an essential part of daily life. But when you really think about them, they’re actually pretty creepy. There’s something weird about an object that allows you to see a perfect reflection of yourself, mimicking everything that you do.

Perhaps, creepiest of all, mirrors continue to reflect everything you do even when you’re not looking. There are so many disturbing and mind-bending mirror stories out there, and this one is the latest addition to the list.

Twitter user Nasrullah Napi shared a rather creepy video of his son, who was sitting in front of the mirror.

He tweeted,

“I was enjoying myself, playing PUBG, when my wife asked me to go get my son. I thought there was nothing, but once I saw the video, I was scared!”

The 20-second clip started pretty basic. A mom filming her son, who was sitting in front of a full-length mirror. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Or so it seemed.

In the six-second mark, the little boy looked at his mom, but his reflection remained the same. Instead of seeing the back of his head on the reflection, it still showed the face of the boy. His eyes also looked very different.

What made the video even more bizarre is the fact that the reflection was then sped up to catch up to the boy’s movement. In the nine-second mark, the reflection suddenly became normal.

Judging the mom’s voice, it seems that she had seen the creepy incident on screen. The video became shaky all of a sudden, clearly showing the mom’s panic. Her voice also changed, from being sweet to concern.

Mirrors are said to be able to trap souls, and a lot of pictures prove that mirrors may take on a life of their own when we’re not paying attention, in the scariest possible way.

Whether the video is real or had been tampered with, many may agree that it is very creepy.

Watch the video here:

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