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Man Takes the Ride of His Life with the World’s Fastest and Second Longest Zipline.





Are you brave enough to ride the world’s fastest and second longest zipline?

Whether you’re adventurous or not, seeing the view from the zipline in Zipworld Velocity in Wales, UK may bring out the daredevil in you.

Dubbed as the longest zipline in Europe and the fastest in the world, this mile-long zipline that gives a birds-eye view of the North Wales coastline and an abandoned quarry promises riders a totally unique experience.

The place has attracted tourists from all over the world and has become a major attraction in Wales. For the price of £60, you get to to experience an adrenaline-pumping activity that will take you 400 feet up in the air allowing you to reach a speed in excess of 100mph!

See for yourself if you’ll give this zipline a try!
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