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People Are Awesome 2017: Featuring The Most Sensational Videos Of The Year

This compilation will certainly get you inspired or, at the very least, entertained.


I live for this stuff. This, to me, is the internet in all its glory. I look forward to this video every year because it’s full of stuff I would never do. From parkour to cliff diving, people can do some insane things that are really cool to watch safely from my computer monitor. I can’t imagine the amount of training some of these things take. Or how many times they had to record the video in order to capture the one time they got it right.

People Are Awesome has gained a reputation for featuring truly remarkable videos from exceptionally talented people. When the brand releases one of its tentpole ‘best of the year’ videos, we can pretty much count on them to perform very well.

As its fans have come to expect, ‘People Are Awesome 2017’ features all sorts of amazing skills and incredible tricks! Including parkour, gymnastics, skateboarding, trick shots, basketball, rollerskating. Lots of flips, stunts, incredible feats of human strength, clever bouts of ingenuity, and plenty of good old-fashioned fun.

People Are Awesome 2017

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Some of the sights in this video are well-worn territory, like skateboarding and surfing demonstrations, but then you’ll be hit by some precision archer firing at swinging bottles with stunning precision. People fly through the air with ease, swoop in between mountains in wing suits, and twist every which way possible before landing on their feet. Even better is knowing that there are likely hundreds of times where they failed and fell flat on their face but still got up to try it again.

So now it’s time to put 2017 to bed and get ready for 2018.

Here are more year in compilations of awesome people doing incredible things. Enjoy watching!

People Are Awesome 2013

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People Are Awesome 2014

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People Are Awesome 2015

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People Are Awesome 2016

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Family Comes Up With The Most Awkward Yet Truly Hilarious Christmas Cards Ideas Every Year

This family strikes a hilarious pose every year for the cover of the Christmas cards they give out to their friends.

We all have someone who we feel we are obligated to buy a gift for, but the task of shopping for a present becomes pretty difficult when they refuse to share any ideas on what they want. It is also hard to come up with something when the recipients have impeccable taste or when they treat themselves to all of the things they want anyway.

When it’s almost impossible to shop for our beloved friends, it can be a good idea to give the most typical surprise but with a touch of uniqueness. Christmas cards may be too old-fashioned but when you make it customized and add some hilarious feels to it, they can be the most thought-of gift they would appreciate.

The Bergeron family is famed for the funny Christmas cards they create every year for their giveaways.

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Pizza Hut Employee Gets Fired For Writing Bad Joke Inside Pizza Box

Who is in the wrong here: the customer or the employee?

We all love pizza and we all dig hilarious jokes. But who knew combining the two can actually be such a bad idea? In fact, doing so has resulted to one Pizza Hut employee getting fired from her job!

Sure, it sounds a bit too outrageous but that’s exactly what happened recently after a mother ordered a box of pizza pie and asked for a joke to be included in her delivery. No pun intended but what she got didn’t suit her taste quite well.

A joke that’s extremely ‘saucy’, we might say!

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Female Reddit User Gets Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa – And His Gifts Are Awesome!

Bill Gates just proved he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet right now!

Not all of us can brag that we received gifts from Bill Gates this Christmas but apparently, one woman can. This lucky user from Reddit can say exactly that as she ended up getting the Microsoft bigwig as her Secret Santa.

As some of you may already know, Gates regularly participates in Reddit’s yearly Secret Santa exchange and, as BoredPanda accurately describes it, the generous billionaire “showers his giftee with the most amazing holiday treasures one could imagine.”

How cool would it be to receive gifts from Bill Gates himself, right?

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