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Family Dines At Restaurant While Maid Just Watched Them Eat Their Meal

“I absolutely HATE people who do this! … I hope y’all get food poisoning.”






Although social media has become a positive driving force for change, it is still true that it sometimes shows disgusting incidents. Recently an image showing a housemaid just watching her employers eat at a restaurant emerged on the internet and it earned ire from netizens.

It is a sad reality that many housemaids and helpers are not treated fairly by their employers. In some cases, they are not paid well and are not even given enough food. What’s sad is that even when they are in public and dining out at a restaurant, there are employers who do not feel ashamed of eating while their maids watch.

A family in Malaysia has been the center of mocking and criticism after a picture of them eating a delicious meal while their maid sat and watched them devour their food circulated on social media.

The scenario got a customer in the same restaurant extremely furious, so he took a snapshot and posted it on Twitter.

The post got an overwhelming response as sympathy poured in for the maid. But before judging the family, we should remember that there is always two sides of the story.

Lin, the daughter of the family in the picture, shared her explanation through a friend, Meera Samanther. According to the latter’s tweet, Lin contacted her after she saw the tweet accusing her family of refusing to let their domestic worker join them for a meal.

The real story was, Lin and their housemaid named “Melissa” were out running errands for the day before meeting up with the parents. The pair already ate but then decided to head over to a restaurant since her parents hadn’t eaten yet.

Meera ended her post by kindly asking the user to remove his post and possibly offer an apology to Lin, her parents and Melissa. He actually responded a few hours later, apologizing and owning up to his mistake. He later deleted the viral tweet.

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Man Asks Airplane Passengers To Help Him Propose To His Girlfriend At 35,000 Feet

Angela Beltran



Love is a wonderful thing, and the feeling can make you do spontaneous gestures of affection. Today, proposal videos are popular, with many couples being engaged in unexpected places - the beach, desert, tourist spots, or even malls. But, a man had a different thing in mind. He wants to propose to his long-time girlfriend at 35,000 feet.

The Italian couple, Stefano Inve and Vittoria Stabile, got engaged on an airplane where Stabile works. Stabile is a flight attendant for Emirates. She thought she was working a regular shift on board a flight from Rome to Dubai.

Little did she know that her boyfriend, Inve, had a special surprise that will surely melt the hearts of people in the flight and around the world.

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Brazilian Guy Has Avoided Rent for 22 Years – By Living In A Sandcastle!

Locals know him as ‘King Marcio’ or ‘Sandcastle King.’

Mark Andrew



Renting a home can be very costly these days. One man, however, has found an interesting way out of this problem.

Marcio Mizael Matiolas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is known by locals either as 'King Marcio' or 'Sandcastle King.' For the past 22 years, the 44-year-old man has avoided paying rent and other bills by building and living in a sandcastle on the Barra de Tijuca Beach.

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Teacher Who Tried To Simulate Dictatorship In Classroom Gets Defeated By Students

“They fought for their rights. They won.”

Nobelle Borines



Sometimes teachers will go above and beyond their duties to make sure their students learn an important lesson. However, a class of teenagers somehow managed to school their own instructor about something she never expected. A teacher tried to simulate dictatorship in her classroom to prepare the class for a book study. The response of the teens simply blew her away.

Diana Leygerman shared her story to prove that "the teens will save us." As a teacher, she must introduce the George Orwell dystopian novel 1984. But before she does so, Leygerman runs a simulation where she turns the classroom into "a totalitarian regime." The scheme worked for several years but things took an interesting turn in 2018.

The simulation enlisted the help of other teachers and became a school-wide effort.

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