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Fallen Meatball Causes Student to Fail Online Test

A meatball from a sandwich caused a student to fail her online exam by logging her out the test when the fallen food hit her keyboard.

  • 20-year old Sam Lee, who is a student at the University of Georgia, earned a failing score because of a meatball sub.
  • The student shared on Twitter how the meatball from her sandwich fell out and logged her out of her online test.
  • Not accepting the score, Lee emailed her professor explaining the situation.
  • Fortunately, the kind Professor let her retake the test.

Perhaps some of us have a crazy story or two about how we failed an exam. There are those who totally forget they have a test while others end up sleeping through it. But what if you failed your test because of a meatball? Yes, a meatball – from a sandwich!

That’s exactly the viral story of Sam Lee and her fallen meatball mishap. The 20-year old is a student at the University of Georgia who was taking an online Economics class at that time.

The student shared how the meatball fell from her sandwich and onto her keyboard. The incident caused her to log out of the test. When she tried to log back in, this is what greeted her:

She can no longer continue the test and already earned a 39% mark.

The panicked student then took 6 hours writing a letter to her professor. She even attached a picture of her and the culprit meatball sub!

And the reply of the Professor? Well fortunately for Sam Lee, her unusual excuse amused the professor and she was permitted to take the test again.


Below is the response of Professor Lastrapes:

Luckily the professor was considerate enough. He even humorously added to make sure to retake the test before or after dinner.

What do you think of this funny failed test story? Do you have funny failed exam stories of your own? Share with us in the comments below!


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