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15 Genius Ways to Answer Exam Questions When You Haven’t Studied





How many of you can relate to showing up completely empty handed (minded?) to an exam? Maybe you just forget that there was a test on that day. Or maybe you were out partying all night. Or, as is the case with many of us, you’ve spent way too many hours online to realize that you didn’t have enough hours to study.

For those of you who never seem to find the time or the motivation to study, here are a few hacks on how you can answer you exam questions to get a chance at a +1 for your effort.

WARNING: This post is intended for humor. If you actually intend to pass your exams through these devious means, then school just might not be for you. If you can’t find the motivation to take your education seriously, rethink your priorities and come back when you’re ready, ‘kay?

1. Context was important in this case.

1. Context was important in this case.

Source: royal-bhati
2. That IS what the instructions said.


Source: Imgur
3. Well that’s one reason.


Source: novapunkX
4. Clarification on the definition of “high.”


Source: klikini
5. Well he ain’t wrong.


Source: Reddit
6. Among other things…


Source: Reddit
7. The names could use a little creativity, but this is adorable.


Source: jaredhag23
8. Who even comes up with scenarios like this?!


Source: BoredPanda
9. Just tilt your head to the side and you’d be spot on.

9. Just tilt your head to the side and you'd be spot on.

Source: BoredPanda
10. This kid’s going places. Maybe not the International Spelling Bee, but places.


Source: jknight43
11. Oh, the pressure we put on our youth!


Source: BoredPanda
12. How else would the kid think?


Source: irishchck14
13. Maturity – this kid definitely has it.


Source: upvoteHero
14. Poorly worded questions + smart ass kid = internet win


15. Everything is connected.


Source: cryptic-fox

When your mind goes completely blank on the day of your exam, at least you can hold on to your sense of humor to wow your teacher for a bit.

Share with us your funniest exam experiences below!

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