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15 Extraordinary Animal Facts that are Hard to Believe

As much as they seemed to be too surreal to be genuinely true, they are sadly a fact, people.


If devoting your time to Ripley’s Believe It or Not titillates your imagination, then this one will definitely be a good addition to your collection of bizarre information and entertainment.

As much as they seemed to be too surreal to be genuinely true, they are sadly a fact. And if you’re still not that convinced, then we suggest you read on for you to catch up with the trend.

#1. Honey, I blew up the SALAMANDER!

Truth be told, if there’s a place where oddity was born, it may probably be somewhere in Asia. Aside from the exotic cuisine that the country is well-known for, China also boasts its enormous amphibian salamander that can grow for about six feet long. A smaller version measuring five feet can be visited in Japan.

Although their size may be a hindrance in mobility, the pepper-smelled amphibians can actually move fast and have extremely tiny eyes. (Source)

#2. Can fishes really be invisible?

While most of us are envious of Fantastic Four’s invisible girl, this fish may be an exception as it is obviously a born natural.

Thanks to a fisher folk from Northland’s Karikari Peninsula, their kind is already out in the open and is actually one of the ocean’s prized inhabitants. Experts say that this type of fish is actually known as Salp, which is made of cellulose, making it capable to digest even the smallest of organisms such as bacteria or plankton. It also has the ability to adapt to global change. However, this fish may be a rare find. (Source)

#3. He is fictional no more!

If you enjoyed the unlikely group of friends in the movie Ice Age then you will probably remember Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel. Although there were speculations that his character was fictional, the 2011 discovery of a fanged, shrew-like mammal in Argentina ended the controversy.

Although the paleontologists struggled in identifying the rock-covered discovery accurately at first, its true colors were revealed after a complete cleanup stating that a creature did exist way back in who knows when. (Source)
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Long Lost Sisters Met After 50 Years, Found Out They are Fraternal Twins

These sisters found out that they are actually fraternal twins when the two reunited after 50 years.

Research shows that children who elaborate stories about imaginary friends are actually more creative and socially advanced. Imaginary friends used to be a cause for alarm and concern for most parents. It was also seen as a way to cope up with loneliness, stress and conflict.

As a child, Helen Edwards would talk to her imaginary friend whenever she was sad. She had a rough childhood having to deal with her mother's long bouts of depression and an abusive father who would come home mad and hostile. She only found comfort in her imaginary friend whom she called 'secret sister' for which later turned out to be real.

On the other hand, Jenny Lee Smith had a happy childhood, until she found out about the truth. Her world suddenly crumbles when her cousin told her that she was adopted. She then confronted her mother who confirmed that it was true. Although she was grateful for her adoptive parents who love her like she was their own, still, she felt something was missing so she decided to look for her birth family.

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This Awesome Dutch Group Transforms Rubble into Lego Building Blocks for a New House

The Mobile Factory aims to help victims of disasters and war to rebuild their homes.

Whoever told you, as a kid, that playing Legos is a waste of time is apparently wrong. This group of men from Netherlands actually borrowed the concept of those colorful little bricks to build “a solution to make the world a better place.”

Netherlands-based The Mobile Factory aims to give rubble “a new purpose” and turn them into bricks that can be used to help families who have lost their homes in war or natural disaster.

As their official website says “No building lasts forever. Demolition, war and natural disasters will eventually turn every manmade structure into rubble. Rubble is a real killer. It’s the world’s largest polluter in volume, it destroys the environment and it’s a health hazard for the people who are forced to live among it.”

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Who Gets More Help? Homeless Drug Addict Or Homeless Father With His Sick Daughter?

Who gets more help – a drug addict or a dad and daughter with no home…?

We see homeless people almost every day. Most of the time, they’re just out there in the streets begging for food or money. If you are a decent human being, you may have even shared with them a bit of what you have.

Not everyone reacts the same way, though, when it comes to homeless individuals. Some are a little more judgmental about their condition, thinking that they probably brought the misery on themselves.

But who will you help if you are given the chance – a homeless addict or a homeless single father? The answer may seem pretty obvious but things didn’t exactly go as expected when YouTuber Coby Persin and his team conducted a social experiment in New York City. The experiment’s result was absolutely alarming.

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