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Extra Long Toenails Are the Latest Trend This Summer




  • Fingernails are not the only ones getting attention these days.
  • This summer, women are going for long toenails as well.
  • Women can now turn heads with extra-long toenails.

Long fingernails are nothing new. Women have been styling their nails using unique designs and wild colors for decades. In recent years, nail art has become even more interesting – nail technicians can create virtually any design you can think of. But it seems that fingernails aren’t the only ones getting the attention.

This summer, ladies are done with short, painted toenails. They need to make their toenails stand out, especially when rocking sandals or open-toed footwear.

The new toenail art designs we’re about to show you are interesting – and they’re unusually long. Some women have made their toenails appear long in a subtle way. Others, however, can be real head turners. Check out the photos below.

Shiny and sparkly. This doesn’t look that long at all.
Now you’re talking…
Imagine if she stubs her toe…
Wearing shoes will definitely be a problem when you have long toenails.
Or maybe you’re stuck with wearing platforms or sandals for weeks or months.
Or maybe you need to get a bigger pair of shoes.

Most of the toenails are actually fake. Women pay salons to get those acrylics, but it doesn’t mean they can’t grow them out naturally because some did. But you have to wonder, do they get in the way? And how does one care for these extra toenails?

Ohio-based nail artist Carey Scott explained that acrylic toenails don’t require that much attention compared to ones on the fingernails. Scott told Today:

“Maintaining acrylic on toenails does not require as much attention as it does when you have acrylic on your fingernails. The toenail grows at a much slower rate then fingernails, so balances aren’t needed as often.”

Think this is sharp and long? You ain’t seen nothing yet!
Can it get any more unusual than this?

What do you think of these toenail designs? Share your thoughts below!

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